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  • Fish Cages

  • Kames  - Small Square Fish Cages

    Kames - Small Square Fish Cages

    Ranging in size from 4m x 4m to 12m x 12m and constructed either from timber and steel or PE. Kames cages are supplied in kit form - easy assembly requires unskilled labour, a hammer and a spanner. These are best suited to freshwater sites or sheltered marine locations. Our square PE cages have been proven in sites with wave heights of up to 3m and are ideal for fry production or as mobile harvesting units.

  • Kames - Model 250 - Circular Fish Cages

    Kames - Model 250 - Circular Fish Cages

    This cage design has become the industry standard in many of the major fish farming countries. It is an extremely durable structure ideal for ongrowing in marine or freshwater sites. Ranging in size from 40m circumference to 80m, it can be supplied in a 2 or 3 ring format. Like all our PE cages, this design uses a solid compression moulded base which is the strongest design worldwide. We have never ever had a base break under normal operating...

  • Kames - Large Square Steel Cages

    Kames - Large Square Steel Cages

    Kames’s steel cages have a track record spanning 15 years.The design has evolved over the years and now comprises two models - a light duty cage which is generally offered in sizes of 12 x 12 or 15 x 15 and a heavy duty in 20 x 20 or 25 x 25.The larger cage has 3m wide central walkways with sufficient buoyancy to enable storage of feed and equipment as well as providing a very safe and stable work platform. To date, the cages...

  • Kames - Model 315 - Circular Cages

    Kames - Model 315 - Circular Cages

    Similar in design to the 250 and offering the same features of low maintenance, long working life and design strength, this cage can also be made in sizes up to 120m circumference which gives a considerable cost saving for the usable water volume. This cage has the same compression moulded base but with 315mm diameter PE80 base pipes with a wall thickness of 17mm. Suited to large scale production and exposed oceanic conditions. A new development...

  • Shellfish Rafts & Long Lines

  • Kames - Model 25  - Tonne Raft

    Kames - Model 25 - Tonne Raft

    Measuring 12m x 14m this raft has 140 square metres of hanging space and is capable of holding 400 mussel droppers and a wet weight of mussels of 25 to 30 tonnes.This raft is made from the best materials for a long maintenance free working life. Two buoyancy pontoons support the hanging rafters and provide a safe non-slip loading and work area. Other design features include an unsinkable buoyancy system, heavy duty mooring points...

  • Kames - Model 35 - Tonne Raft

    Kames - Model 35 - Tonne Raft

    Measuring 14m x 14.5m this raft has 160 square metres of hanging space and can hold up to 22 hanging rafters. A maximum carrying capacity of 35 to 40 tonnes is recommended. The buoyancy supplied with the raft is usually tailored to customer requirements. As with the 25 tonne raft, this model is constructed from the best quality materials and utilises the longest currently available steel beams to maximise the usage of space and minimise the...

  • Kames - Long Line

    Kames - Long Line

    On some sites, long lines may be more suitable than rafts. If predation by ducks is not an issue then the long line system is very cost efficient but may require larger more sophisticated items of equipment to handle the stock. Our long line float system has been tried and tested over many years. We offer two different sizes of float, 300 litre or 400 litre. Both are made from UV resistant polymers, are dark grey or black in colour to minimise...

  • Mooring Equipment

  • Kames - Anchor

    Kames - Anchor

    We offer a range of both size and design of anchor dependent on the requirements of our customers and particular site conditions. The anchors we sell are all based on the SAMPSON design which is a drag-embedment type and holds a Lloyds High Holding Power certificate.We offer a MK2, MK3 and MK4 design, each being suited to a different situation. The anchors are sold in flat-pack kit form for on-site assembly or ready built....

  • Kames - Chain

    Kames - Chain

    Kames can supply both new and reconditioned mooring chain, from 7mm up to 50mm link diameter. Our new chains are all European made and manufactured to DIN 764 or LRS U2. Due to the large quantity of chain Kames buy each year we can offer very competitive prices. If required, we can also supply a Lloyds Register of Shipping certificate with the chain. The reconditioned chain is also all works tested and is made of marine grade steel. This chain is made...

  • Kames - Rope

    Kames - Rope

    Kames specialises in the supply of rope for use with permanent mooring of fish cages or shellfish production systems. For many years we have selected the best value rope with the highest technical specification. We have found this to be a polypropylene rope which is heat treated to give a “polysteel” type, with low elongation (10-14%), high UV resistance, good abrasion resistance and high breaking strain. Size ranges from 3mm to 88mm...

  • Kames - Buoys & Fittings

    Kames - Buoys & Fittings

    Kames offers a range of specialised heavy duty mooring buoys ranging from 30 litres to 1500 litres. All are made with a rotationally moulded PE case with a minimum wall thickness of 6mm and are fitted with closed cell PU foam. Steel fittings are all hot dip galvanised.A large range of shackles, thimbles and mooring grid rings is available with Greenpin, British Standard and US Fed design specifications all available.

  • Nets, Rafts, Breakwaters, Pontoons & Access Gangways

  • Kames - Nets

    Kames - Nets

    Our many years of experience in fish production has taught us the great importance of net design and standard of manufacture. For this reason alone, if you purchase a cage from us we will offer to supply the net also because our nets are designed to fit our cages like a glove. We have also, over the years, been through the expense of making and designing nets for specialised applications such as flat-fish production, bream and bass production,...

  • Kames  - Work & Storage Rafts

    Kames - Work & Storage Rafts

    Storage: Kames offer a range of rafts from small wooden designs for freshwater or the small operator to large steel structures with capacities in excess of 40 tonnes.Work: Simple, easily maintained structures usually fitted with hydraulic power units (20 to 60 hp) which are capable of driving the raft via a stern leg and also can power a knuckle boom crane (3 tonnes /metre to 8 tonnes /metre) and other equipment such as graders, re-tubers or water...

  • Kames - Floating Tyre Breakwaters

    Kames - Floating Tyre Breakwaters

    This wave “baffle” constructed mostly from scrap materials, (car or lorry tyres), has been used all over the world to afford protection to fish cages, boat moorings or other floating structures.Capable of absorbing wave energy, this floating breakwater can reduce wave heights by up to 50% enabling work to be carried out on farms which would otherwise be impossible whilst also reducing wear and tear on the structures.

  • Kames - Berthing Pontoons & Access Gangways

    Kames - Berthing Pontoons & Access Gangways

    Through a requirement for our fish farms, we have designed a rugged berthing pontoon which is capable of withstanding the extremes of climate and heavy use that the fish farming environment often provides. We offer three different designs to suit every situation: low freeboard timber pontoon for sheltered or freshwater location; high freeboard steel modular pontoons for heavy duty applications; high freeboard polyethylene continuous system for...