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  • Slurry Tankers

  • Model PROFI I Series - Slurry Tankers

    Model PROFI I Series - Slurry Tankers

    The KAWECO PROFI I tankers stand out because of their light, yet stable build. The tankers can easily be fitted out with a dribble bar spreader with a working width with of up to 15m. Thanks to the modular set-up the tankers are easy to adjust according to your need.

  • Model PROFI II Series - Slurry Tankers

    Model PROFI II Series - Slurry Tankers

    The PROFI II tankers are characterized by their unique modular build. This means that the PROFI II can be equipped with simple technology for everyday tasks ranging to automated functions for intense use. All PROFI II tankers convince with their sophisticated, practical equipment options that make your work easier. Whether you are looking for a vacuum tanker with a pendulum slurry spreader or a tanker with a fully automated delivery regulation for...

  • PROFI - Model PROFI III Series - Slurry Tanker

    PROFI - Model PROFI III Series - Slurry Tanker

    The KAWECO Profi III tanker series offers you a large variety of completely equipped, professional contract work tankers. Typical of every PROFI III tankers are the sturdy, independent and twist-lock mounted chassis. This unique build guarantees that the tractive power of the tractor is only transmitted to the slurry spreader by the chassis. This means that the tanker is only used to transport the slurry, and that the chassis is ultra-stable. All...

  • Slurry Injectors

  • OPTI-DRILL - Land Injector

    OPTI-DRILL - Land Injector

    The KAWECO OPTI-DRILL arable land injectors are available in various working widths and builds. The range starts with a 3.9 m-wide injector and ends with a heavy 7.5 m-wide arable land injector. The OPTI-DRILL COMPACT is a special compact slurry injector with two rows, which can therefore be installed closer to the tanker, resulting in a lower load of the lift and more road comfort.

  • PRO-JECT - Injector

    PRO-JECT - Injector

    The PRO-JECT injector series is a high-grade product that has been developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. Thanks to years of experience in slurry injection, KAWECO is perfectly capable for translating the needs of the contract worker into a perfect slurry injector. The hinges suspended in rubber create an injector element that hardly requires any maintenance and that follows the soil entirely. This guarantees lower maintenance costs, a greater...

  • Tipping Trailers

  • CARAT TERRA - Model 450 - Tipping Trailer

    CARAT TERRA - Model 450 - Tipping Trailer

    The KAWECO CARAT TERRA 450 is a powerful dump trailer with a load capacity of 20 tons. A buggy suspension system and a rubber vibration damper between the drawbar and the mainframe enable a high driveability. Standard the CARAT TERRA 450 has a hydraulic forced steering system. The compact construction of the trailer results in a low center of gravity so the trailer is stable in high speed road bends. The hydraulic support leg is mounted close to the...

  • Silage Transport

  • RADIUM  - Model 45 & 50 - Silage Wagon

    RADIUM - Model 45 & 50 - Silage Wagon

    Standard the RADIUM 45 and 50 have a buggy tandem with a self steering axle. The grassland is treated with care and the tire wear caused by turns on solid ground is minimized.

  • THORIUM  - Model 45 & 55 - Silage Wagon

    THORIUM - Model 45 & 55 - Silage Wagon

    The KAWECO THORIUM is a combination of a self loading wagon and a high capacity RADIUM silage wagon. The dual functionality makes the THORIUM multifunctional and essential for an agricultural contractor. The THORIUM is specially developed for professional use with a big loading volume and a CLAAS loading and chopping unit.