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  • Slurry Injectors

  • OPTI - Disc Injector

    OPTI - Disc Injector

    The KAWECO OPTI-DISC is a injector with an enormous capacity. It is build to inject slurry and work in green manure crop and other crop residues in one working passage. This can be done with very high speeds up to 20 km/h. On the side of the row where the discs are attached, a flat standing disc is fitted, so that the under pressure ensures that the ground is distributed even without leaving any grooves. The heavy tube rollers ensure a nice,...

  • Tipping Trailers

  • AVENA  - Model 240 - Tipping Trailer

    AVENA - Model 240 - Tipping Trailer

    agricultural purposes KAWECO produces the AVENA tipping trailer. It has a bigger loading volume of 24 m3. The trailer is made out of 6 mm HARDOX steel and powder coated just as the CARAT TERRA 450. The conical dump body ensures easy unloading. In the hydraulic back door (with protected cylinders) there is mounted a grain outlet and a bracket for a top cover. The front of the dump body has cutouts covered with see-through Plexiglas, so there is a...

  • CARAT TERRA - Model 450 - Tipping Trailer

    CARAT TERRA - Model 450 - Tipping Trailer

    The KAWECO CARAT TERRA 450 is a powerful dump trailer with a load capacity of 20 tons. A buggy suspension system and a rubber vibration damper between the drawbar and the mainframe enable a high driveability. Standard the CARAT TERRA 450 has a hydraulic forced steering system. The compact construction of the trailer results in a low center of gravity so the trailer is stable in high speed road bends. The hydraulic support leg is mounted close to the...

  • Slurry Tankers

  • Double Twin Shift Tanker

    Double Twin Shift Tanker

    The DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT TANKER is the most professional machine to inject your slurry. The DOUBLE TWIN SHIFT TANKERS makes itself indispensable because of the enormous volume, fill capacity, maneuverability and well-thought-out undercarriage.

  • MULTIUM - Slurry Tanker

    MULTIUM - Slurry Tanker

    KAWECO offers agricultural entrepreneurs a solution for silage and slurry transport, all in one trailer. With an exchange system thesuperstructure can be easily changed. The special support legs ensure an easy storage and fast exchange of the superstructure. This makes the machine useful from the early spring until the late fall. The trailers can be equipped with driven axles so you can continue when conditions get worse and others have to...

  • PROFI  - Model I - Slurry Tanker

    PROFI - Model I - Slurry Tanker

    The PROFI I TANKERS have a self-supporting tank chassis with a bottom mounted drawbar. The tandem tankers have a buggy-suspended tandem axle undercarriage. Standard the PROFI I TANKERS are equipped with a 13.500 l/min vacuum pump and can be built with a 12.000 (single axle), 16.000 or 18.000 l (2-axled) tank volume. A dribble bar spreader with a working with up to 15 m. can be fitted to the chassis of the tanker.

  • Silage Transport

  • RADIUM  - Model 45 & 50 - Silage Wagon

    RADIUM - Model 45 & 50 - Silage Wagon

    Standard the RADIUM 45 and 50 have a buggy tandem with a self steering axle. The grassland is treated with care and the tire wear caused by turns on solid ground is minimized.

  • THORIUM  - Model 45 & 55 - Silage Wagon

    THORIUM - Model 45 & 55 - Silage Wagon

    The KAWECO THORIUM is a combination of a self loading wagon and a high capacity RADIUM silage wagon. The dual functionality makes the THORIUM multifunctional and essential for an agricultural contractor. The THORIUM is specially developed for professional use with a big loading volume and a CLAAS loading and chopping unit.