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  • Packo - Model RM/IB - Milk Cooler Tank

    Packo - Model RM/IB - Milk Cooler Tank

    The ice-bank tank of Packo is the RM/IB model. Cooling of the tank's content is done by cooling water to 0 deg. Celcius by building an ice layer in a 'bath' full of water. Then this cold water is sprayed onto the inner tank, thus withdrawing warmth from the milk held by the inner tank. Ice bank tanks are easily recognized because of their square appearance. Because of the water resevoir in the bottom of these tanks, they seem to have a larger storage...

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  • Food and Dairy Equipment

  • Model SVW - Silo Storage Tanks

    Model SVW - Silo Storage Tanks

    Paul Mueller Company's vertical silos are optimized for product protection and efficient space usage at your facility. We offer silos from 5,000-70,000 gallons fabricated in house as well as silos through hundreds of thousands of gallons built at your site. Mueller is also proud to offer the first patented, fully CIP-able horizontal agitator that meets USDA standards. A #4 finish that meets 3A sanitary requirements and makes CIP a breeze is also...

  • Model PCP - Processors Tanks

    Model PCP - Processors Tanks

    Paul Mueller Company's processing tanks are designed to efficiently heat and cool a wide variety of dairy, beverage, food, and chemical products. Mueller processing tanks can be customized to fit your needs while still maintaining 3A design requirements. Our original Temp-Plate heat transfer surface assures optimum heating and cooling of your product. Additionally, a #4 material finish comes standard for sanitary handling of your products and the ease...

  • Multi Compartment Tanks

    Multi Compartment Tanks

    Paul Mueller Company's highly customizable multi-compartment tanks are designed with ice cream mix and other similar products in mind. The line of tanks has models with either hinged cover or a solid top with a manway. What makes our multi-compartment tanks truly special is that adjacent compartments can be used with extreme temperature variations without affecting the other compartments. One and a half inch rigid insulation on each side of each...

  • Custom Storage Tanks

    Custom Storage Tanks

    Paul Mueller Company specializes in producing custom equipment to fit your specific process. Our experienced engineering staff will design equipment according to your requirements and any specifications you supply. Then, our skilled manufacturing team turns that design into a high quality piece of custom equipment that meets your needs.