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  • Kawak - Hydraulic Control Valve Retrofit Systems

    Kawak - Hydraulic Control Valve Retrofit Systems

    The Kawak Aviation cockpit adjustable proportional control valve replaces the control valve in Simplex and Isolair hydraulic systems, but can also be installed into any existing hydraulic system. This system gives you stepless repeatable flow control which means smooth operation reducing pressure surges associated with conventional check valve. Allows simple interface with a GPS for constant flow and variable rate applications keeping you in pace...

  • Kawak - Model 28VDC - Electric Motor

    Kawak - Model 28VDC - Electric Motor

    Kawak’s high-output brushless motor is a versatile component which can be used in many applications from fluid transfer to vehicle drive systems. The precision electronically controlled brush-less motor has a water tight machined aluminum casing and is completely fluid submersible. This design reduces heat build-up and eliminates loss of performance due to brush wear. The motor’s current draw is maintained electronically by a...