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  • Ventrac - Model 4131 - Compact Tractor

    Ventrac - Model 4131 - Compact Tractor

    The Ventrac 4131 is not just any compact tractor. Ventrac's articulating and oscillating frame design gives the operator enhanced maneuverability and stability over traditional tractors by conforming to the contour of the terrain, easily navigating around obstacles. The attachment is placed out front in natural view offering greater precision as well as maximum protection for the operator.

  • Ventrac - Model EA600 - Aera-Vator

    Ventrac - Model EA600 - Aera-Vator

    When turf compaction caused by foot or vehicle traffic, sporting events or other stresses is a problem, periodic aeration is necessary to keep the turf healthy. The AERA-vator is designed to stir and loosen the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf. The EA600 creates a core hole without bringing a core plug to the surface, leaving the turf ready for use immediately after treatment. Six holes are created each foot (66 holes per square meter)...