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Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects operates all over the world, constructing greenhouse projects both new and used. Turn-key projects are our specialty as we offer much more than the construction of a greenhouse. We deliver every kind of technical system you can possibly find on a modern day horticultural business. From automation to screening, from water installations to benching systems, our field of activity has expanded more and more over the past forty years. Nowadays clients of Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects can be found all over the world.

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Leeuwenhoekweg 58 , Bergschenhoek , 2661 DD Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

Completely customizable

The roots of Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects lie in technique. Due to our innovative approach, our services have continued to expand. At our offices in Bergschenhoek, clients can find greenhouses in all shapes and sizes. New greenhouses are built at our own factory according to the highest modern standards. In the design of the greenhouse, we take into account local weather conditions, local standards for crop and installation load and local construction standards. An economically interesting alternative to a new greenhouse are our reconditioned greenhouses. Due to the high quality and durability of current materials, a reconditioned greenhouse is in many instances an excellent alternative. After dismantling the greenhouse all materials are checked thoroughly to ensure they are eligible for reuse. For installations, the same applies: both new and reconditioned installations can be provided.

Our team and partners

Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects has a dedicated team of about 50 employees. Our team is complemented by our extensive network of sub-contractors. For projects abroad, we engage in partnerships with local companies which are then supervised from the Netherlands. This way our international clients can always be sure of fast service locally.  Our in-house transportation facilities enable us to operate efficiently and flexibly.

An effective organization

Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects has all important fields of expertise in-house, from project consultation to execution. At the same time we are very proud of our compact team. It has clear advantages such as short, direct lines and no needless layers. Our employees have a practical approach and speak the ‘horticultural’ language. Besides, we are still a real family business. A business with loyal employees, who understand that standards are being raised continuously. Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects has a strong team, with the experience to realize complete projects.

Flexible and reliable at the same time

Working with Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects is therefore a pleasure. We are flexible in our cooperation and reliable in our agreements. That is why subcontractors and suppliers in many different countries enjoy doing business with us. With the input from experts in many different fields, we are able to carry out your project completely, anywhere in the world. Our in-house transport services increase the strength of our company. Our focus on the future is evident in our move to our completely new office building, situated at the same location in Bergschenhoek.

Four decades of experience in horticulture

Kees Greeve is the founder of the company, to which Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects thanks his name. The company started as a sole proprietorship, specialized in the dismantling of greenhouses. Starting in Bergschenhoek, its activities quickly broadened and spread throughout the Netherlands. Because Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects is always responsive to innovations in the horticultural sector, more and more activities were added to the business up until turn-key projects. A vital part of the business now operates on its own, KG Systems. KG Systems delivers complete benching systems all over the world. The two companies operate independently, however the synergy has been preserved: in turn-key projects the two companies cooperate excellently. KG Systems can count on its own large pool of clients but can profit from the expertise of Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects in its activities.

A broader base

The first activities in horticultural countries outside of the Netherlands quickly followed. When his two sons, Ferry and Bernardo Greeve, entered into the company, the activities broadened even further. Nowadays Kees Greeve Greenhouse Projects is a company with a unique position within the market. What sets us apart is the breadth of our activities and services and the close cooperation between the various divisions such as the dismantling of greenhouses, construction of greenhouses, heating, technical systems and benching systems. All components can be delivered separately, but evidently also as a complete turn-key project, including all technical systems. In over 30 countries we have realized magnificent projects.