Keeton Industries has been a leader in fish farming and sustainable aquaculture and our management team works to ensure we have satisfied customers every time they work with us. Our 36-plus years of experience in water quality treatment gives our customers an undisputed advantage over the run-of-the-mill “bug” salesmen who claim to have aquaculture supplies and products that can magically solve every water treatment problem. Keeton Industries has received seven patents on our biological treatment systems and hold the only patented probiotic in the aquaculture industry. Environmental management of fish farming operations and lake restoration has always been at the core for Keeton Industries. Since our company’s inception, we have been involved with water quality evaluation and lake, pond, and stream studies that have worldwide acceptance.

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We believe our customers appreciate having their problems and aquaculture issues diagnosed by knowledgeable professionals who know what they are talking about – we have never made miracle claims about what our services or products can do. They are field tested in a real aquaculture environment to ensure viability. The tests and case studies speak for themselves.

Aquaculture Systems: Keeton Industries and Our Commitment to the Aquaculture Industry

Our pledge to our customers is to provide quality products, excellent service and technical support providing cost-effective solutions for the aquaculture industry. We are striving to bring the first sustainable off-the-grid aquaculture production system to the aquaculture industry.  Some of our specialized technology features beneficial microbe and patented probiotic applications. Keeton Industries, Inc holds 7 patents for aquatic technology.

Keeton Industries is a leader in fish farming and aquaculture supplies, biological water treatment, solar aeration, and other new aquaculture industry technologies. Our rich experience in intensive aquaculture and aquaculture technology helps to give our customers an innovative edge over their competition and provide them with the latest, most cost-effective technology available.

The probiotics and microbes we manufacture produce some of the highest survival rates in fish and shrimp aquaculture environments in the world.

Our focus has been developing sound biological management tools for fish farming and restoring water bodies, including using primary and subsurface aeration, and microbial agents for water quality improvements.

We at Keeton Industries strive to meet our customers’ needs and place ourselves above the many “snake oil” microbe and chemical sales organizations in the marketplace today. In order to accomplish this, we have:

  • Developed and perfected the use of what we believe to be the finest microbial formulations on the market today for improving fish farming and managing water quality.
  • Developed thorough investigative tools, which we use to diagnose our customers’ water quality problems before selling them anything.
    Staffed our company with qualified professionals, including Fisheries Biologists who:
    • Complete field-testing and studies.
    • Scientifically document results.
    • Provide technical support to our customers.
    • Have conducted many environmental field studies documenting the effects of our biological formulations on water quality improvement.
    • Have designed and engineered state-of-the-art commercial fish farming facilities that have produced up to 2.5 million pounds per year.