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  • Precision Farming

  • Variable Rate Seed

    Variable Rate Seed

    Variable rate seed can help to contribute towards a more uniform yield once known management zones are in place. With the use of GPS these zones can be more intensively managed giving the maximum potential to improve yields. Soil sampling is less intensive than the GPS grid option but allows you to sample soil type zones individually, taking a minimum of 25 cores from each zone. With sample points GPS logged this will give you the data to return to...

  • Isaria - Real Time VR Nitrogen

    Isaria - Real Time VR Nitrogen

    We have been associated with the Fritzmeier Isaria crop sensor since it first arrived in the country. As a company we have installed and continue to support a large number of the UK sensors. We are involved with ADAS & AHDB research projects as well as agronomy companies monitoring their own trials.