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  • Peanut Equipment

  • Model 3384 and 3386 - Peanut Combine

    Model 3384 and 3386 - Peanut Combine

    Small diameter, spring tooth header reel makes for gentle vine pickup that reduces losses at the header. Hexagonal header roller for improved vine feed- retro fits available. Adjustable strippers provide efficient threshing with low LSK rates in a wide range of vine conditions. Separation screen in combination with adjustable air flow provides for efficient separation and reduces losses in various harvesting conditions. Double swivel gear box allows...

  • Hydraulic Dump Cart

    Hydraulic Dump Cart

    Dump Cart for efficient handling of different crops at harvest time! Speed up the harvest by transporting crops from the field to the semi-trailer or wagon, allowing for continued harvest in the field.

  • Vine Conditioner

    Vine Conditioner

    The KMC Vine Conditioner is designed for use after digging peanuts for the purpose of removing excess soil and foreign material. Vines are gently picked up, fluffed, and returned to the inverted position.

  • Vine Lifter

    Vine Lifter

    The KMC Vine Lifter is used after rainy conditions on peanuts that have been inverted. It is used to free the vine from crusty conditions by running a blade and lifter rods underneath the inverted vines.