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  • Bio Balls & K1 Media

    Bio Balls & K1 Media

    At Kayhays Gardens we have been designing and installing water features for over 25 years, complete with pumps and filtration. We import an excellent range of bio-balls, perfect for use in your biological filtration system. An important part of the filtration process is the inclusion of bio balls. The advantage of bio balls is in their ability to be very effective substrates for nitrifying bacteria They are also unrivalled in their ability to...

  • Mechanical Filters & Filter Mesh

    Mechanical Filters & Filter Mesh

    Mechanical filtration is an important element in the maintenance of any water feature. The job of this filter is to trap the finer solids that are passed from the Biological filter. Mechanical filtration physically removes these solids from the water by trapping solids in the crevices of the filter mesh.