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  • Grain Dryers - Small Dryers - Column or Process

    Grain Dryers - Small Dryers - Column or Process

    These dryers were developed with the objective of meeting production needs between 10 and 30 metric tons an hour with a low cost of the equipment, making it extremely simple to dry soybeans, corn, and wheat. Because of high demands from the market, the Farm Line of Automatic Drying Systems comes in six models of dryers, has column or process drying towers, as well as the possibility of drying with or without grain cooling.

  • TRUA - Screw Conveyor

    TRUA - Screw Conveyor

    Practical and economic transportation system for short and medium distances of cereals, flakes, and solid grains. An AUGER can be used to load and unload silos, pre-cleaning machines, dryers, and other grain processing installations. It also can be a part of industrial and port structures. It is compact, taking up only a little bit of space even for high capacities.