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  • Ketcham - Model Yot Pot - Lobster Trap

    Ketcham - Model Yot Pot - Lobster Trap

    You can have the lobster trap just for the fun of it delivered right to your door. Ketcham's 'Yot Pot' lobster trap has been part of our business since 1975 and is designed specifically for your family fishing fun. At about 20 pounds your lobster pot is light weight, easy to handle, and it's compact size stows well. The additional ballast and reinforcements required by the big commercial operations have been removed to save you money and work. The...

  • Crab & Eel Traps

  • Finished  Commercial Style Blue Crab Traps

    Finished Commercial Style Blue Crab Traps

    24' X 24' X 21' cube shaped classic Chesapeake blue crab trap 1½' vinyl clad galvanized steel Ocean Mesh mesh and Ketcham's Marine Screen small mesh bait stack in the center. We keep these blue crab pots in stock. Rope and buoys for your blue crab trap can be included too. All Ketcham Traps are in compliance with current Massachusetts Area 2 regulations. If you are in a different area the rules may vary. Please check with your local authorities...

  • Eel Pot and Green Crab Trap

  • Eel & Green Crab Combo

    Eel & Green Crab Combo

    Designed by Ketcham's in the 1970's the classic 12'X12'X23' eel trap is manufactured from ½' X ½' vinyl coated wire mesh in heavy duty 16 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel and  put together with high grade solid stainless fasteners.  Catches and holds eels for bait or commercial sales. The eel pot rear door folds around the trap body on 3 sides so the...

  • Top Entry Green Crab

    Top Entry Green Crab

    Bottom pot is a pre war classic design from Cuttyhunk Island used by Capt. Howard Cornell to have green crabs on hand for bait.  This simple yet elegant design top entry Green Crab Trap is brought up to date by Ketcham's with long lasting modern materials.  Need bait for tautog aka blackfish or stripers this is one is for you.  Green Crabs are walkers, not swimmers like the blue crabs are.  This top entry is same basic design...

  • Keeper Car for Eels and Crabs

    Keeper Car for Eels and Crabs

    Live storage of eels smaller crabs or maybe to purge the sand out of your steamer clams is a snap with our ½' X ½' vinyl coated steel mesh live car.  It is 23' X 12' x 12' with the same 3 sided fold over door as our eel trap will keep your guests in until you want them.  To keep it simple we include shipping to four areas, North-East, Mid-Atlantic, South, and West Coast.

  • Live Bait Pens

    Live Bait Pens

    Live bait pen 36' high by 48' diameter with internal floatation collar made from 1' X 1' vinyl coated mesh.  This is a standard unit and we usually have a few in stock.  Custom sizes are available set up to either float or sink

  • Capt Wally - Chum Pot

    Capt Wally - Chum Pot

    Capt Wally's Chum Pot is simple and deadly effective. There are no loose parts to fall overboard when you're rushing to reload it to keep a good slick with big fish in it going. The door folds all the way over, out of the way, for ease of loading your chum pot. Overall size of you pot is 6' X 6' X 18'. The mesh is ½' X ½' vinyl coated marine grade galvanized steel mesh and is assembled by hand with stainless steel fasteners. We have had...