Keys Lawn and Garden, LLC

Keys Lawn and Garden, LLC opened March 8, 1999 and is owned by Alan and Jan Nichols of Park Hill (Keys). Alan Retired after 30 years in the grocery business and wanted to do something different, so he started this business. Maintaining a philosophy, `treating people the way he wants to be treated,` provided a base to grow from. Providing the best quality equipment at a competitive price and giving the best service possible. the choice was his to make on either carrying the same quality products as the discount houses such as Lowes, Atwoods, Tractor supply, etc or handle the best products available. He believes his customers deserve the best for their money. Discount stores survive by selling low quality disposable products - products you have to rebuy every 2-3 years. Along with the best products, Keys Lawn and Garden provides training on starting and proper use of your equipment.

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26372 Highway 82 , Park Hill , Oklahoma 74451 USA

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Keys Lawn and Garden has proudly invested 15 years in offering the highest quality products and 'Old-School' personal service. We don't offer a wide variety of brands and different levels of quality like other stores ... we are committed to serving you best by offering the brands we believe in.  We want to build a trusting customer.