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aerobic composting Companies

  • BioCoTech Americas LLC

    based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

    BioCoTech Americas LLC

    BioCoTech Americas is the exclusive licensed distributor of the BioSpeed in-vessel aerobic composting products in the Americas. Our unique and proven environmental technologies cut economic costs by processing organic waste on-site, while generating ...

    BioSpeed - Aerobic Composting Unit

    BioSpeed - Aerobic Composting Unit

    he BioSpeed units optimize and maintain a perfect aerobic composting environment.  Specialized, self-sustaining microbes are pre-added to the machine to decompose the organic waste.  The automated systems ...

  • Ambientalia S.r.l.

    based in Toscanella di Dozza, ITALY.

    Ambientalia S.r.l.

    Ambientalia develops and manufactures plants with mainly revolutionary features because it places the accent on process efficiency and ecosustainability, for savings on initial investment, management costs, space occupied and treatment time. ...

    amBiocell - Aerobic Composting Bio Cells

    amBiocell - Aerobic Composting Bio Cells

    This innovative technology is applied to the organic fraction of urban solid waste (S.U.W). The same process is utilised takes place with ambiSystem, in fact it occurs within biocells and is based on aerobic degradation of the ...

  • Spartel

    based in Osborne Park, AUSTRALIA.


    Spartel designs and develops organic waste processing technology, such as FABCOM composting system, for domestic organic waste, agricultural waste, poultry litter and biosolids sludges. Our systems are remotely controlled and produce efficient and ...

    BIOBOX - On-site Aerobic/ Anaerobic Composting System

    BIOBOX - On-site Aerobic/ Anaerobic Composting System

    The BIOBOX in an on-site aerobic/ anaerobic composting system for the rapid stabilisation of highly putrescible ...

  • Press Technology & Mfg., Inc.

    based in Springfield, OHIO (USA).

    Press Technology & Mfg., Inc.

    Press Technology & Mfg., Inc web site. PT&M is an industry leader in manufacturing durable, cost-effective dewatering equipment. We feel confident that in a thorough comparison of alternatives, the quality and value of PT&M’s equipment will be ...

    Model Manure Pro - Composter (Aerobic Manure Processor)

    Model Manure Pro - Composter (Aerobic Manure Processor)

    Manure Pro is an in-vessel pasteurization of dry manure solids (DMS) for the elimination and reduction of unwanted pathogens, weed seeds, and odors. Pasteurization takes place through the self generating heat within the vessel when the correct ...

  • Demista Instruments

    based in Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS (USA).

    Demista Instruments

    Demista Instruments manufactures and markets compost monitors for measuring both oxygen and temperature with one instrument. The Model OT-21 oxygen/temperature monitor and the Model O-21 oxygen only monitor has been sold in the United States, ...

    Demista Instruments - Model OT-21 - Compost Monitor

    Demista Instruments - Model OT-21 - Compost Monitor

    Composting is the biological process in which microbes consume plant and vegetable materials and convert it into useful organic material and other byproducts. There are two types of microbes that do this and are commonly referred to ...

  • Freeland Scientific Ltd.

    based in Hextable, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Freeland Scientific Ltd.

    Freeland Scientific is a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of monitoring technology for the waste industry. The global composting industry continues to grow and evolve, facing multiple challenges, not least from the increased attention ...

    CompostManager - Compost Control Management System

    CompostManager - Compost Control Management System

    With significant growth within the composting industry, the ever-evolving face of available commercial composting management systems is changing. Composting best practices have come under real ...

  • Claudio Pansa - Costruzioni in ferro

    based in Gardone Riviera, ITALY.

    Claudio Pansa - Costruzioni in ferro

    Our machines offer a greener and a cleaner alternative to the problem of organic waste disposal. Our Composters are automatic Bio-Mechanical and have continuous organic waste converter system. The organic waste added to the machine is converted into ...

  • Eco Value Technology, Inc

    based in Alpena, MICHIGAN (USA).

    Eco Value Technology, Inc

    Eco Value Technology, Inc is your solution and equipment manufacturer for innovative and custom solutions including water, waste, energy and green solutions.When you need a sustainable solution to advance your processes with innovative equipment ...

    In-Vessel Composting

    In-Vessel Composting

    Composting is a natural process that begins and ends with organic material. In-vessel composting is quickly becoming the preferred method of waste management over traditional methods such as landfilling or burning. ...

  • Erath Earth Inc.

    based in Dublin, TEXAS (USA).

    Erath Earth Inc.

    Erath Earth, Inc. was founded in 1989 by organic agriculture specialist, Sabino Cortez. From humble beginnings, Sabino was able to launch this now world-renowned company from his small farm in Erath County, Texas. Erath Earth, Inc. has managed to ...

  • Advanced Composting Systems LLC (ACS)

    based in Whitefish, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Advanced Composting Systems LLC (ACS)

    Advanced Composting Systems manufactures the Phoenix Composting Toilet in a climate controlled factory just south of Whitefish, Montana, a resort and railroad town west of Glacier National Park. Created and owned by Glenn Nelson, ACS has 27 years of ...

    Phoenix - Composting Toilet

    Phoenix - Composting Toilet

    The Phoenix is an aerobic composting system that transforms human waste into a rich, well-stabilized mulch. It is odorless, and requires no water for flushing, making it an environmentally friendly option that is ...

  • Back to Nature, Inc.

    based in Slaton, TEXAS (USA).

    Back to Nature, Inc.

    South Plains Compost, Inc. the parent company of Back to Nature, Inc. has been producing agricultural compost since 1979. In 1982, we began supplying bagged cotton burr composts and blends to the lawn and garden industry. We then introduced our own ...

    Composted Cattle Manure

    Composted Cattle Manure

    Unlike many 'bargain' manures that contain filler material, Back to Nature, Inc. Composted Cattle Manure and Composted Chicken Manure are 100% fully composted manures. They have been ...

  • Biocompost BG LTD

    based in Razgrad, BULGARIA.

    Biocompost BG LTD

    Biocompost BG LTD is the EU arm of its U.S.A. based affiliates, owners and sole providers of exceptional and cutting edge technologies and solutions in the field of: Soil Microbiology, Ecological Protection and sustainability, Our products and ...

    BioCompost - In-Vessel Composting

    BioCompost - In-Vessel Composting

    All life forms on land originate from compost and are bound to turn into compost. It is the fundamental law of nature. Life depends on ...

  • VCU Europa Ltd.

    based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM.

    VCU Europa Ltd.

    As the need for more sustainable alternatives to landfill continues to grow globally, in vessel composting plays a vital part in meeting national waste objectives. VCU In Vessel Composting (IVC) technology has been treating a wide variety of organic ...

    In-Vessel Composting Technology

    In-Vessel Composting Technology

    VCU In Vessel Composting (IVC) technology has been treating a wide variety of organic waste, producing a valuable end product, on behalf of our customers for the past 15 years and is now installed on over 30 sites in seven countries ...

  • BioBag Americas, Inc.

    based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA).

    BioBag Americas, Inc.

    BioBag is a world leader in providing bags and films for the collection of organic waste for the purpose of composting. Our mission is to keep organic waste from ever entering a landfill. Unlike regular plastic bags, BioBags are made from a resin ...

    BioBag - Model 955600 - Value Bulk Dog Bag Dispenser

    BioBag - Model 955600 - Value Bulk Dog Bag Dispenser

    The BioBag Value Bulk Dog Bag Dispenser fits bags #186005 & #187965 and is made of high impact resistant plastic and can be easily mounted to fences, polls, posts or walls. Today, park systems and controlled communities across the country are ...

  • Marting Mfg. of Iowa, Inc.

    based in Britt, IOWA (USA).

    Marting Mfg. of Iowa, Inc.

    We provide gating and feeders through our network of professional builders and installers. Together we have a shared vision of providing quality products that will exceed the expectations of growers for years to come. Our market innovations are ...

    In-Vessel Composter

    In-Vessel Composter

    mortalities. Accelerated compost times. Automatic and timed rotation and aeration. Minimal energy required electric power with 110V or solar powered available on some units. Naturally generated heat – no heater or heating ...

  • ROLAND PLOCHER® integral-technik

    based in Meersburg, GERMANY.

    ROLAND PLOCHER® integral-technik

    The ROLAND PLOCHER®integral-technik fulfils the demands for a sustainable management and preservation of our most precious resources of water, soil, environment, foods, according to natures laws.

    Plocher - Poultry Manure Composting

    Plocher - Poultry Manure Composting

    Aerobic Composting Of Poultry Manure Into Valuable ...

  • AGRO-EKO Ltd.

    based in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, CZECH REPUBLIC.

    AGRO-EKO Ltd.

    AGRO-EKO Ltd. is focused on manufacturing, development and other services in the environmental area, where the company concentrates on technology supply and processing of biologically degradable waste and its further use. EWA is certificated device ...

  • Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co.,Ltd. (FDSP)

    based in Liyang City, CHINA.

    Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co.,Ltd. (FDSP)

    Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co.,Ltd. (FDSP) was founded in the year of 2003, which locates in Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science and Technology Industrial Park, Liyang city, boundary of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, covering the area of 35000m2. As ...

    Chain Type Turning Machine

    Chain Type Turning Machine

    This machine is suitable for trough aerobic fermentation process in compost production, special teeth plate structure is adopted. Make deep turning with inclined chain to get sufficient oxygen supply, deep and ...

  • Agrilab Technologies Inc

    based in Windsor, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Agrilab Technologies Inc

    Agrilab Technologies Inc develops, designs, manufactures, and markets heat transfer solutions to rural and agribusiness customers. Agrilab is focussed on alternative heating and cooling systems that are environmentally friendly, and significantly ...

    Heat Extraction From Cattle Manure Composting / Remediation

    Heat Extraction From Cattle Manure Composting / Remediation

    Agrilab Technologies Inc. A unit of the Acrolab Group of Windsor, Ontario, Canada has developed and designed a system for the extraction thermal energy from the process of aerobic decomposition (composting) of farm ...

  • Genema

    based in Istanbul, TURKEY.


    Genema was founded in 1989 as an equipment manufacturer.After various sectoral experiences and wide range applications, became expert company for engineering projects. From starting feasibility Genema serves basic engineering (FEED), detailed ...

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