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animal digestion Companies

  • Ecological Laboratories Inc

    based in Cape Coral, FLORIDA (USA).


    Ecological Laboratories Inc

    ECOLOGICAL LABORATORIES INC. is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures, proprietary, microbial formulations that are capable of solving many of the most challenging environmental problems facing the world today. Ecological ...

    MICROBE-LIFT ® / DFMAQ5BWA - Water Additive Blend - Direct Fed Microbials for Healthy Shrimp and Fish

    MICROBE-LIFT ® / DFMAQ5BWA - Water Additive Blend - Direct Fed Microbials for Healthy Shrimp and Fish

    Aquaculture Treatment (AQT) is a biologically active formula of ELI’s bacterial strains that were chosen because of their ability to rapidly digest excess waste material in shrimp ponds. The scientifically selected, ...

  • SweetPro

    based in Walhalla, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).


    At SweetPro we make a variety of feed supplement products for horses, beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock. Our products support animal digestive health and growth, while supporting excellent feed efficiency. We blend distillers ...

  • Agritom Fodder Systems

    based in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.

    Agritom Fodder Systems

    Our Fodder Systems are high quality, environmentally friendly, hydroponic sprouting machines that will provide your livestock with fresh green feed all year every year. Our unique fodder systems have an intensive 7 day cycle using a highly ...

  • Zinpro Corporation

    based in Eden Prairie, MINNESOTA (USA).

    Zinpro Corporation

    More than 40 years ago, Zinpro Corporation pioneered the research and development of organic trace minerals to improve animal wellness and performance. As a family-owned, privately-held company, our steady growth has come as a result of quality ...

    Availa - Model 4 - Metal Amino Acid Complexes

    Availa - Model 4 - Metal Amino Acid Complexes

    digestion and energy metabolism. In addition, when an animal has the proper balance of trace minerals it is better able to cope with the challenging effects of ...

  • Premier Magnesia, LLC

    based in Waynesville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Premier Magnesia, LLC

    Premier Magnesia, LLC is a global market leader in magnesia-based products and solutions for dozens of applications ranging from agricultural to industrial and environmental markets. We are one of the world`s principal manufacturers and suppliers ...

  • American Farm Products

    based in Saline, MICHIGAN (USA).

    American Farm Products

    American Farm Products have been providing superior quality products to farmers for over 30 years. In 1982, convinced there was potential for a company that specilaized in high quailty silage preservates, William Absalom II formed American Farm ...

    Promax - Microbial Supplement

    Promax - Microbial Supplement

    This PROMAX is a supplement to improve appetite and digestion in larger animals. The LAB lowers gut pH for health and absorptive efficacy. The enzymes break down to help increase rumen microbial ...

  • Crocus

    based in Assentoft, DENMARK.


    Crocus designs and produces custom-built solutions for transport, drying, cooling and storage of grain and other bulk products. Solutions are based upon a broad selection of standard products that may be modified and combined to meet specific ...

    Crocus - Rotary Oven

    Crocus - Rotary Oven

    -materials and components in consumer products and animal feed. End-products are easily digested and have a high nutritional value. See “Technical data” for further ...

  • Zhengzhou Solon Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd.

    based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

    Zhengzhou Solon Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd.

    Zhengzhou Solon Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd. is an International & professional foreign trade company. Our company is located in the largest transportation hub in Asia - Zhengzhou city, with the best human resources in manufacturing industry in ...

    Floating-Feed Pellet Machine

    Floating-Feed Pellet Machine

    , advance the protein ratio, So the fodder will be digested easier by animals. The poultry-fodder can feed chicken, rabbit, sheep, pig, horse cattles and so on The pet-fodder can feed dogs, cats, goldfish etc The ...

  • Oz Bafralilar  Makina

    based in Ostim – Yenimahalle, TURKEY.

    Oz Bafralilar Makina

    Oz Bafralilar has provided high quality services and products with other companies in the sector has managed to rise in a short time. In our company which produces a wide range of Continous Flight , Screw Conveyor products, our products are ...

  • The TryLine Group, LLC

    based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA).

    The TryLine Group, LLC

    As a specialty chemical importer/exporter and distributor, The TryLine Group has been linking North American companies to global markets since 1988. Our expertise in all facets of chemical importation and distribution brings you the reliable, ...

    Dolomite - Calcium Magnesium Carbonate

    Dolomite - Calcium Magnesium Carbonate

    Micronized’s dolomite is a calcium magnesium carbonate used as a high quality filler and extender in paints and coatings, building products, putties and mastics, caulking compounds, floor tiles, rubber, plastics and ...

  • Diamond V

    based in Cedar Rapids, IOWA (USA).

    Diamond V

    Diamond V manufactures natural immune support products that optimize animal health, animal performance, and food safety worldwide. Immune Strength for Life results in healthier animals, more efficient animal production, better pre-harvest food ...

  • Eleusis Internacional S.A.

    based in Alcobendas, SPAIN.

    Eleusis Internacional S.A.

    Eleusis Internacional, S.A. , has developed systems that enable the germination and cultivation of cereals and pod legumes, based on the hydropony principles (the cultivation of plants without soil). The seeds become young plants in eight days, ...

    Eleusis - Calf Feed

    Eleusis - Calf Feed

    Eliminates digestive disorders. Reduces illness' incidence. Decreases death rate. Savings in the ration's cost. Improves the animal's general conditions. High quality ...

  • APC Inc/ Lifeline

    based in Ankeny, IOWA (USA).

    APC Inc/ Lifeline

    Newborn and young animals that experience early stress never fully recover. Their growth is slower. They underperform. They have more sick days and create less income for you. LIFELINE animal nutrition products are formulated with powerful ...

    High-Level Colostrum Replacer For Lambs & Kids

    High-Level Colostrum Replacer For Lambs & Kids

    Rescue Lamb & Kid is the only serum-based colostrum replacer formulated specifically for newborn lambs and kids. Made from natural bovine serum, the highly concentrated powder delivers complete nutrition in small ...

  • Nutriad

    based in Dendermonde, BELGIUM.


    The global population increases 50% in the next 4 decades. Livestock production and aquaculture has never been more challenging. Limited availability and changing quality of raw materials challenges intake, growth and performance. Growing customer ...

  • Rangen, Inc

    based in Buhl, IDAHO (USA).

    Rangen, Inc

    Rangen, Inc is a diverse agriculture-based business, started in 1925, with specialty operations in aquaculture, general feeds, and commodities. It is strategically located in the Snake River Valley area of southern Idaho, with an additional ...

    Rangen - Trout Feeds

    Rangen - Trout Feeds

    Starter: Especially formulated for first feeding fry and fingerting. Nearly free of dust and fines which can be detrimental to small fish. High levels of quality fish and animal protein. Utilizes marine oils, beta glucans, pigments ...

  • Rock River Laboratory, Inc.

    based in Watertown, WISCONSIN (USA).

    Rock River Laboratory, Inc.

    Since 1975, Rock River Laboratory has provided reliable, accurate, and timely feed, forage, soil, and water analyses to the agricultural community throughout the US, and more recenly, across the globe. Our staff of trained technicians and office ...

    Feed & Forage Testing Analysis

    Feed & Forage Testing Analysis

    Rock River Laboratory has been performing feed and forage analyses for more than 37 years. Over that time, constant instrument upgrades and technological advances have kept Rock River Laboratory at the forefront of analytical services. Rock River ...

  • BioWatt Ltd.

    based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

    BioWatt Ltd.

    BioWatt is the high quality development partner for the composting and biogas sectors. Our staff have more than 20 years of combined experience designing and building organic waste treatment projects. We provide bespoke engineering & finance ...

    Repairing and Retrofitting Existing Sites

    Repairing and Retrofitting Existing Sites

    Many UK composting sites will be coming to a stage where the initial installation is showing signs of serious wear and tear, and in order to continue operating in compliance with the latest operating regulations should be considering replacing worn ...

  • Novus International, Inc..

    based in St. Charles, MISSOURI (USA).

    Novus International, Inc..

    Novus International, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, creates animal nutrition solutions for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Novus operations include corporate offices, research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities in ...

    ACIDOMIX2 - Model AFL - Acidifier

    ACIDOMIX2 - Model AFL - Acidifier

    ACIDOMIX2 AFL preservative is a acidifier based on formic acid, propionic acid, ammonium formate and ammonium ...

  • Impextraco

    based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM.


    We develop & produce feed ingredients that protect animal health and enhance productivity. Our goal is to deliver cost efficient solutions that protect animals and optimize their performance while respecting animal welfare & sustainability. Our ...

    Zympex - Power-Enzymes

    Zympex - Power-Enzymes

    POWER-PROTEXION® range offers highly cost-effective and sustainable protection for your animals and added value for your business. Our feed ingredients combine high quality antioxidants, mould inhibitors, mycotoxin ...

  • Cross Agricultural Engineering Ltd.

    based in Co.Kildare, IRELAND.

    Cross Agricultural Engineering Ltd.

    Cross Agricultural Engineering was set up in 1985. The Company comes from 4 generations of engineering with the present inspiration, Simon Cross, being the driving force behind the company. An abundance of hard work, coupled with shrewd management ...

    Gazelle - Beet Washer

    Gazelle - Beet Washer

    The Cross Gazelle Beet Washer was first designed and manufactured under licence for Armer Salmon who sold in to beet growers throughout Europe. In the 1980s,1990s & early 2000s all beet machinery made by Cross held the ...

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