aquaculture program Companies

  • Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

    based in Crystal River, FLORIDA (USA).

    Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

    BAP is the world’s most trusted, comprehensive and proven third-party aquaculture certification program. We’ve been improving the environmental, social and economic performance of the aquaculture supply chain and growing the global supply of ...

  • Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA)

    based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

    Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA)

    The Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) works to create new opportunities for soybean farmers within a growing domestic market: aquaculture. SAA funds programs and research that increases the utilization of U.S. soybeans in the diets of fish and shrimp ...

  • Cryogenetics AS

    based in Hamar, NORWAY.

    Cryogenetics AS

    Cryogenetics offers services and technology for an effective fish reproduction. Our main service has traditionally been the cryopreservation of fish milt. Cryopreservation is a powerful tool for preservation of genetic diversity in wild species and ...

    Cryopreservation - Higher Yielding Stock

    Cryopreservation - Higher Yielding Stock

    Cryopreservation of milt speeds up the introduction of new, profitable cultivation steps to the farmers with 25%. A breeding program based on cryopreserved milt has the potential to cut one year off the breeding cycle. For Atlantic ...

  • Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA)

    based in Portsmouth, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

    Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA)

    At The Global Aquaculture Alliance, our mission is to promote responsible aquaculture practices through education, advocacy and demonstration. For over 20 years, we have demonstrated our commitment to feeding the world through responsible and ...

  • Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia (AANS)

    based in Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

    Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia (AANS)

    The Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia represents and is the advocate for people involved in the aquaculture industry in this province. It includes farmers of shellfish and finfish, fish processors, fish hatchery & nursery owner-operators, ...

  • National Aquaculture Association (NAA)

    based in Tallahassee, FLORIDA (USA).

    National Aquaculture Association (NAA)

    An excellent new short film, Perspectives on Marine Aquaculture in California and the U.S., produced by the Aquarium of the Pacific and its Seafood for the Future Program focuses on offshore marine aquaculture. A variety of prominent scientists and ...

  • Shrimp Improvement Systems LLC (SIS)

    based in Islamorada, FLORIDA (USA).

    Shrimp Improvement Systems LLC (SIS)

    Shrimp Improvement Systems LLC (SIS), is the world leader in selective breeding of shrimp. Started in 1998, Shrimp Improvement Systems is located in Plantation Key, Florida, and provides genetically improved and Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) stocks ...

    Commercial Genetic Improvement Program

    Commercial Genetic Improvement Program

    SIS conducts a commercial genetic improvement program for shrimp aquaculture with established techniques of selective breeding already being used in other ...

  • Aquaculture Innovations

    based in Grahamstown, SOUTH AFRICA.

    Aquaculture Innovations

    Aquaculture Innovations as service providers to the aquaculture industry in South Africa we are here to assist existing aquaculture professionals as well as new entrants into the industry. We invite you to browse the site and consider the list of ...

    Aquaculture Consulting Services

    Aquaculture Consulting Services

    We regard ourselves as the leading experts in the scaling, design and costing of fish farms in Africa. Our focus is on using the latest international advances in aquaculture technology, combined with a pragmatic 'what works in ...

  • Scanvacc

    We in Scanvacc are professionals working for less stress and diseases of farmed fish. Because it provides better fish welfare and contribute to a profitable, sustainable farming. Three veterinarians with expertise on fish health and welfare. All ...

  • Canadian Aquaculture Systems, Inc.

    based in Cobourg, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Canadian Aquaculture Systems, Inc.

    Canadian Aquaculture Systems, Inc. (CAS) is a professional firm providing design, development, productivity and competitiveness services predominantly within the aquaculture sector. Since 1984, CAS has offered a complete range of biological, ...

    Aquaculture Policy & Governance

    Aquaculture Policy & Governance

    Modern, intensive aquaculture has developed rapidly over the past 30 years. In many cases this development has occurred in the absence of comprehensive policy and management frameworks. In general, the absence of a ...

  • Eco Industrial Supplies

    based in Christie Downs, AUSTRALIA.

    Eco Industrial Supplies

    Eco Industrial Supplies the Specialist Online LED Lighting Store. LED Lighting Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor and Exporter. Eco Industrial Supplies offers LED Lighting for any application where quality and reliability is critical to your ...

    Eco-Industrial - Model HB-6-250W-2W1B1G - Aquaculture Fish Farming Linear Highbay LED Light

    Eco-Industrial - Model HB-6-250W-2W1B1G - Aquaculture Fish Farming Linear Highbay LED Light

    Aquaculture Fish Farming Light LED Linear High bay 1200mm 250 Watt WiFi ...

  • Aquatic Diagnostic Services International (ADSI)

    based in Banora Point, AUSTRALIA.

    Aquatic Diagnostic Services International (ADSI)

    Aquatic Diagnostic Services International (ADSI) was formed to provide an accessible, reliable, and rapid diagnostic service for stock health problems in the aquaculture and ornamental fish industries. ADSI provides clear interpretation of results, ...

  • Syndel USA

    based in Ferndale, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Syndel USA

    Syndel USA is a privately held company located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Ferndale, Washington USA. This is where we have our corporate offices, quality control laboratories, and FDA inspected manufacturing plant. For over 35 years, we ...

    LHRHa - Luteinizing Hormone - Releasing Hormone Analogue for Gamete Maturation

    LHRHa - Luteinizing Hormone - Releasing Hormone Analogue for Gamete Maturation

    The use of hormones to induce gamete maturation (ovulation and spermiation) and spawning in fishes is crucial to the success of many aquaculture and wild stock fisheries programs.  Gamete maturation can be ...

  • C. E. Shepherd Co., Inc.

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    C. E. Shepherd Co., Inc.

    C. E. Shepherd is recognized worldwide as the supplier of choice for PVC coated and stainless cooling tower fill slat hangers, high-performance cross flow fill slats and specialty cooling tower components. Our company manufactures a wide variety of ...

    Shepherd - Aquaculture Mesh

    Shepherd - Aquaculture Mesh

    Floating pens and cages help you better manage and protect your fish farming enterprise, particularly when it comes to feeding, harvesting and predator control. Shepherd supplies Aquaculture Mesh for bird mesh, cages, culture trays ...

  • Aquaculture & Aquafarming Technologies cc (A&AT)

    based in Edenvale, SOUTH AFRICA.

    Aquaculture & Aquafarming Technologies cc (A&AT)

    Since 1989 the company employed the latest technologically advanced equipment and was the first in Africa to manufacture and use circular HDPE aquaculture cages. As all fish farmers all over the world I originally tried to accomplish the task with ...

  • Acuagranja S.A.S.

    Since 1983, SAS has Acuagranja pioneered the distribution, marketing and consulting products and services for aquaculture and fish farming in Colombia and Latin America. We encourage the modernization and innovation of crops, fish farms, reservoirs, ...

  • eAqua Ltd.

    based in UNITED KINGDOM.

    eAqua Ltd.

    eAqua Ltd. specialise in the environmental management for fish farms and aquaculture systems from planning and development to monitoring and certification. We believe passionately in the sustainable management of global aquatic resources and aim to ...

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