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  • Khedut - Mini Tractor Operated Automatic Seed Drill

    Khedut - Mini Tractor Operated Automatic Seed Drill

    Mini Tractor Driven Seed Drill is useful for planting seeds, applying fertilizer, creating water channels and covering the seeds with soil, all at one time. Due to its multipurpose usage, farmers can plant seeds over a large farm in a short period of time. In a tractor driven seed planter either 2 different crops can be planted or seeds & fertilizer can be planted at one time. This is true for regular & heavy tractors both. These models can plant seeds...

  • Khedut - Zero Till Cum Fertilizer

    Khedut - Zero Till Cum Fertilizer

    This Seed Drill is used for customary sowing of wheat, cotton, soya bean crops. Paddy harvesting is quite difficult and costly operation and it takes about 5-7 tilling operations before a seedbed is prepared for the next cropping season. This delays the crop sowing, lowers the yield of the next crop and squeezes overall profit margin of the farmer. Now this problem can be tackled with the Zero Till Seed cum Fertilizer Drill developed by Khedut. This...