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  • John Deere - Model 6140M - Row-Crop Tractor

    John Deere - Model 6140M - Row-Crop Tractor

    The all-new 6M Series Tractors are perfect for producers, commercial contractors and municipal operators who need a versatile, powerful tractor with the features and available options necessary to handle a wide range of tasks and conditions. The 6M Series Tractors are compatible with our H Series Loaders, giving 6M customers access to features like easy parking and attachment, single-point connections, concealed oil lines, and our high-visibility...

  • John Deere - Model 455 - Front-Folding Grain Drill

    John Deere - Model 455 - Front-Folding Grain Drill

    With a 35-foot three-section 455 and seeding at 6 mph, you can drill more than 20 acres an hour. That’s big productivity. You’ll also cover lots of acres when you hook up a two-section 25-foot, or 30-foot three-section machine.

Products by Balzer Inc.

  • Grain Cart

  • Model 6  - Field Floater Grain Carts

    Model 6 - Field Floater Grain Carts

    Balzer is the leader in Large Capacity Grain Carts with the Field Floater 6. These carts offer the most efficient performance during harvest time. These grain carts are available in sizes 1,450, 1,700 and 2,200 bushels.

  • Manure Handling Systems- Manure Handling Systems

  • Semi Tanker

    Semi Tanker

    NEW! The all new semi tanker from Balzer works in conjunction with the ELIMINATOR boom tank, vacuum or slurry tanks and frac tanks for direct injection for a complete, system approach to manure hauling. Introducing the all new Semi Tanker from Balzer. Let the Balzer semi tanker do all the road work of manure hauling for the safest, most efficient method on the market.  This is a must-have for any manure hauling operation today.  Designed on...

  • Direct Manure Injection Systems

    Direct Manure Injection Systems

    Balzer offers a variety of options for Direct Injection Systems including Floating Spring Shank Injectors, No-Till Yetter Injectors, Heavy Duty Injectors, Hose Reels and much more.. Balzer Direct Injection Systems include options like Floating Spring Shank Injectors, No-Till Yetter Injectors and Heavy Duty Injector with coulters and down pressure.  See the 'Features' tab for available sizes and configurations on all Direct Injection Systems....

  • Agitation & Loading Systems

    Agitation & Loading Systems

    Balzer offers a variety of products for your agitation and loading systems including but not limited to V-6 pumps, V-8 pumps, Lagoon Pumps, Lagoon Props, Veneroni Pumps and much more. High quality standards and a long history of experience with manure handling equipment help make Balzer's agitation and loading products a great asset to your operation.

  • Portable Storage Systems

    Portable Storage Systems

    Balzer offers the 22,500 gallon Frac Tank for convenient, portable storage of liquid manure nutrients. The Balzer Frac Tank is holds an enormous 22,500 gallons on a single axle for a convenient solution to applying liquid manure in the most efficient way.  Get more done and save time by reloading in the field with the Frac Tank. 

  • Manure Handling Systems- Top Fill Slurry Tanks

  • Row Crop Application System

    Row Crop Application System

    The Row Crop Application System allows you to sidedress nutrients into standing row crop during the most optimal time of year. The Row Crop Application System couples the quality benefits you expect from a Balzer Top-Fill Slurry Tank with a 120 inch wheel base with 18.4R38 tires, perfect for sidedressing into 30 inch rows.  It is available with the Rite-Rate system for precise, consistent application throughout the field. Independtly walking...

  • Top Fill Slurry Tanks

    Top Fill Slurry Tanks

    Balzer offers Top-Fill Slurry Tanks ranging in sizes from 4,300 to 9,500 gallons. These tanks are available with a wide variety of features and options to best meet your needs. Balzer offers Top-Fill Slurry Tanks ranging in sizes from 4,300 to 9,500 gallons.  These tanks come with the industry's latest technology such as the Rite-Rate Application System which provides precise, consistent application of nutrients throughout every field....

  • Manure Handling Systems- Vacuum Tanks

  • ELIMINATOR  - Vacuum Tank

    ELIMINATOR - Vacuum Tank

    The ELIMINATOR Vacuum Tank from Balzer allows tractor seat control of the 8 inch loading boom for in-field transfer from semi-trailers. The ELIMINATOR Boom Tank from Balzer is available in 6,800 to 9,500 gallon sizes.  Get more done in a fraction of the time with the ELIMINATOR's enormous capacity along with the same features you have come to trust on Balzer's vacuum tanks.  The hydraulic boom kit makes applying liquid manure more productive...

  • Vacuum Tanks

    Vacuum Tanks

    Balzer Vacuum Tanks are available in 4,300 gallons up to 9,500 gallons and are constructed of 1/4 inch mild steel. All seams are submerged-arc welded. The Balzer Vacuum Tanks are manufactured in the U.S.A., using today's latest technologies to create a product with superior quality.  These tanks come standard with fully independent running gear for mounting the tank and injectors.  Balzer offers a wide variety of features and options to meet...

  • Shredders

  • Corn Shredder

    Corn Shredder

    Today's corn stalks are tough. Your Corn Shredder needs to be tougher. Balzer Corn Shredders are engineered to be rugged and durable to get the job done. Check out the new look of the 2014 Balzer Shredders!  Now, choose between yellow, green or red decals for your next Balzer shredder. Balzer Corn Shredders are designed for corn and grass residue with an aerodynamically designed hood to increase chopping action without requiring...

  • Orchard and Vineyard Shredders

    Orchard and Vineyard Shredders

    Balzer offers Orchard and Vineyard Shredders in a Pull Type design in either a Single End Drive or Dual End Drive configuration. These models are available in sizes 5 feet through 9 feet. The Balzer Orchard and Vineyard Shredder now features four, 9.5L15 implement tires. Balzer has specifically engineered these shredders for optimal performance in an orchard or vineyard environment.  The heavy duty features and quality construction of the...

  • Speciality Crop Shredders

    Speciality Crop Shredders

    Balzer manufactures Specialty Crop Shredders, most commonly for rice and vegetable operations. The Rice Shredder is available in End Drive models ranging in size from 15 feet to 26.5 feet. The Vegetable Shredder is a Pull Type End Drive model, available in sizes 13 feet to 15 feet. The Rice Shredder and Vegetable Shredder now both come standard with 9.5L15 implement tires. Balzer manufactures Specialty Crop Shredders, most commonly for rice and...

Products by May Wes Manufacturing, Inc.

  • Tillage

  • Undercutter V-Plow Shank Savers

    Undercutter V-Plow Shank Savers

    As the V-plow undercuts the ground, the poly shank saver lessens the furrowing of the soil. It helps keep the top soil undisturbed as well as creates a uniform and shallow depth on final operation before planting. Shields are large enough for the anhydrous sprayer tubes to fit between the shank saver and the shank.

  • Model JD A15596 & NU1036 - Moldboard Covers

    Model JD A15596 & NU1036 - Moldboard Covers

    Prevent soil build-up. Hardward and Drill bit included. May Wes poly eliminates sticking even in wet soil. The plow or tillage equipment glides through clay, gumbo or heavy black dirt. Save fuel and energy Less friction and compaction relieve stress and pulling on equipment. Custom Formed Each poly moldboard is formed to fit the curve of the moldboard. They are predrilled to match existing holes in moldboard for easier installation.

  • Model JD 7730, 7830, 7930 - Lift Switch

    Model JD 7730, 7830, 7930 - Lift Switch

    Lift Switch automatically engage to lift implements when you shift into reverse, eliminating implement damage when backing up.  It is a simple solution - a relay switch that easily plugs into your tractor's wiring harness.