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  • Grain Storage Systems

  • BROCK - Stiffened Grain Bins/Silos

    BROCK - Stiffened Grain Bins/Silos

    Brock's decades of storage design and manufacturing experience helps to make Brock's stiffened grain storage products Different by Design™! Because of that experience, BROCK® Stiffened Grain Storage Bins offer commercial users the best built-in value over the life of the product.

  • BROCK - Stiffened Hopper Tanks

    BROCK - Stiffened Hopper Tanks

    Brock offers a full line of Stiffened Hopper Tanks for temporary wet or dry grain holding, overhead unloading or long-term storage. Brock offers you more models and choices – from 15- to 36-foot (4.6- to 11-m) diameter hopper-bottom holding tanks with strong, narrow-corrugation sidewalls and a maximum storage capacity of over 58,000 bushels (1,900 m³).

  • Grain Handling Systems

  • Brock - Enclosed Roller-Belt Conveying System

    Brock - Enclosed Roller-Belt Conveying System

    Brock's Enclosed Roller-Belt Conveying System brings a balanced approach to conveyors. A smooth-operating conveyor system happens only by design. To help you get an enclosed roller-belt conveyor that minimizes harmonic vibrations while also providing longer bearing life and smoother operation.