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Kılıç Deniz is among the few corporations in Europe that is engaged in sea bream and sea bass breeding as well as aquaculture works for salt-water. Kılıç Deniz continues its trout breeding activities, which it had started in 2010 at Kahramanmaraş aquaculture facilities. Kılıç Deniz’s trout breeding capacity has reached 6,725 tons in 2012.100 % of the sea bass and sea bream grower facilities are open sea-off shore systems and are units of latest technology equipped with automatic feeder systems and underwater and surface cameras. Experienced engineers, divers and professional personnel are employed at these systems and both underwater and surface controls are conducted with great attention and devotion.

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Kemikler Köyü Mevkii, Milas Bodrum Karayolu 18 , Milas - Muğla , 48200 Turkey

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Internationally (various countries)

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25 years ago, in 1990, I established the first fish farm as a small enterprise in Salih Island. We were producing 30 tons of sea bream in this unsophisticated facility. I am a member of a fishmonger family from Bodrum. Fishery was a field which I both liked the most and knew well.

Orhan Kilic -ekonomistBut I wanted to maintain our family business by focusing towards fish farming. Because I saw that the number of fish in the seas were declining rapidly. Overfishing and pollution ruined the sea and fish stock just like many other natural resources. Today, unfortunately this trend continues increasingly. 60 % of the fish don’t exist anymore. Remaining fish stock are also expected to be depleted in the next 30-40 years. We witness the extinction of the most valuable protein source for humans.

When I look back, I see that I have made the right initiative with an accurate decision. The business I have started grown rapidly and adopting a corporate identity has become a necessity. Then I founded  Kılıç Deniz Ürünleri Üretimi İhracat İthalat Ticaret A.Ş. Kılıç has become the only facility in the industry which maintains all the process, producing fish feed as well as fish, performing its sale following the packaging, in a complete self-sufficiency. Within this period, I had the chance to work with great professionals and and brought them to Kılıç. Our fishery business has grown 1000 times in 20 years and reached a production capacity of 40.000 tons. Today Kılıç is named not only in Turkey, but also in Europe, as one of the most important companies.

Led by Kılıç, culture fishery industry changed the conditions where fish was exclusive to the upper income groups, and introduced it to the public. We are happy to provide healthy and nutritious marine products to Turkish people and all other customers from more than 40 countries we export,   As a person who dedicated his life on proper practice of this business, I adopted a personal  mission of constantly telling parents about the importance and value of fish.  Our fish consumption is still one-third of developed countries. For this reason, there is still a lot to do.

Kılıç, Kılıç Family and its Managers contributed to the aquaculture to become a real industry, helped it to gain export ability, pioneered in countless subjects thanks to the advanced technologies and environmental standards it brought to the field.

Being a subsidiary of National Bank of Kuwait to make investments in the Middle East, the Gulf Region and Turkey, NBK Capital signed a partnership agreement with Kılıç in 2010 thanks to its rapid and stable growth.

The increase of the percent of aquaculture within the overall fish consumption in Turkey and worldwide due to the raising awareness about healthy living, promises us a bright future as it did until today.  We will continue to invest in Antolia and overseas companies in the future.

Proceeding to be a worldwide company, Kılıç Deniz A.Ş. promises to carry out its duties and responsibilities both in its own industry and in the NGO’s and associations and continue contributing the society and the national economy.

As Kılıç Holding, we believe that a healthy nutrition is a right for everybody on earth and we know how important it is to have access to healthy protein.  We have been working hard since 1991 to achieve this..

Our most important mission is contributing the growth of healthy generations with the fish we produce. For this purpose, we are investing perpetually and developing delicious and economic products for all people.

We operate in our fully integrated facilities with a great environmental care. We believe that sustainable production is a must for a liveable earth. With this responsibility and awareness, we consider the reduction of carbon emmission in our production as very important. We believe that the drift towads renewable energy resoruces should be a priority in minimizin “Carbon Footprint”. We transform our current investments in Turkey and abroad according to this fact, and plan our future investments taking it into consideration.

During our 25 years aquaculture journey that started from Bodrum, we have grown more than 1000 times. The export we make from Muğla to over 40 countries in 5 continents, have exceeded 100.000.000 $ With this excellent performance, we have become the leader in Marine and Animal Products export 5 times in a row.

We are proud of our important contributions to Turkey, with the foreign currency we brought in and the taxes we paid. We also evaluate the investment opportunities abroad in order to take advantage of the logistic benefits towards the markets we export to. Following our previous investments in Italy, we recently invested in Albania and started to produce trout.

We are among the pioneering companies in Europe and the leader of our industry in Turkey. “Additionally, we have the pride of holding the title “the biggest sea bream and sea bass producer in the world”.

And now we have become the first company in the world to produce tuna fish. We are also happy that we succeeded in such an extraordinary practice related to nutrition, which is crucial for the future of humanity.

Our ultimate goal is becoming the largest aquaculture company in the world.

We started our business with a mission of “contributing to raise a healthy generation by providing people high quality, fresh and affordable fish”.

One of our major milestones on this road has been our fish stores that we brought into service in Bodrum and Izmir Bostanlı.

We offer our fish that we present for sale ‘daily’ in the Kılıç Fish Stores, to our customers in the freshest form. As well as dozens of varieties of fresh fish, we also appeal to the fish lovers who are in search for different tastes, with processed products. Seafood such as shrimp, squid, octopus, anchovies are taking part as ‘’frozen’’ as well as marinated products among these delicacies expanding our sales range.

If they wish, we prepare special packages for our customers coming to our stores and shopping, to get the products they bought to their houses in the same freshness. We also put the special orders from our customers that are living in different parts of our country and can’t give up the Kılıç delicacies in special packages and send them by cargo and deliver them in the most healthy and hygienic conditions. We are planning to extend our stores nationwide by increasing the numbers of them in the medium and long term. Thus, we aim to reach many more people and to reach the level of developed countries in terms of our average annual fish consumption per person.

1 World's Leading Producer to Seed Fish

393,5 Seed Fish Annually

Kılıç’s seed fish facility has proved its high quality once more by obtaining ISO 9001 quality management certificate in 2005. With a 393,5 million seed fish production capacity, the production process in this facility is tracked with a special tracking system.

2 14-22 Months in Open Seas

From the Cool Waters of the Mediterranean to the Tables

All of Kılıç’’s aquaculture facilities are Off Shore. In these facilities, we use the state of art technology feeding systems, underwater and naval surface cameras. In our facilities where experienced engineers, divers and experts work, both the underwater or surface inspections are done with a great sense of care and devotion.

Reaching the serving size in about 14-22 months, the sea bass and sea bream fishes are sent to the packaging facilities that is under Kılıç Holding. The journey of our fish which has starts in the cool waters of the Mediterranean, continues here and ends on your tables after being packaged in proper conditions.

3 Natural Environment, Natural Production

Growth in Natural Environment

Proper water flow, cold and clear water and the high oxygen levels have great importance on the fishes to raise salubriously and reach you. For this reason, the aquaculture facilities of Kılıç are designed and adjusted by taking these factors into consideration. So, our open sea systems with a 50-60m depth enable the fish to grow in their natural environment salubriously.

4 They grow in two years and come to your table ın 2 hours!

They have grown with us!

Kılıç carefully implements all the standards in the process starting from the production to the time it reaches the consumer. Thus, you, as our precious customers, consume Kılıç products with your mind at peace. Opeating with the responsibility of the business, delivers its product to the most exclusive hypermarkets in the best conditions. In addition, our regional offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya operate with a great sense of devotion to introduce the healthy and delicious fish to every region in Turkey.

5 Sales Distribution Network

With a production capacity of 40.000 tons annually, Kılıç exports its products to dozens of countries. Kılıç continues to set a higher goal everyday. Its export network primarily consists of Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany, but also includes the whole Europe, overseas countries like US and Canada Middle Eastern  countries like UAE, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, Turkic Republics like Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and African countries like Egypt and Libya.

6 Certificates

Considering the product quality as its biggest priority, Kılıç manufactures according to the following standards and meets their requirements in all processes from breeding to distribution.

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000
  • BRC
  • IFS
  • ASC
  • uretim6

As a responsible company that is aware of the environmental and societal concerns, we believe in constant development and give priority to quality. Our environmental policy as a leading company includes these principles;

  • Keeping the factors causing pollution under control and minimizing the environmental pollution and harm we cause by using the most advanced technology available,
  • Taking the accordance to the related laws and regulations as a minimum qualification and constantly trying to improve the concordance level to the legal terms,
  • Sharing the outcomes of our studies regarding the environmental protection with our employees, clients, suppliers and the society and helping them to adopt these as lifelong principles, organizing trainings in order to increase the environmental awareness,
  • Dividing our waste and recycling as much as we can. Prolonging the life of natural resources by reducing their use.
  • Reducing the pollutant waste resulting from our operations at its source and act respectful towards humanity and nature,

It is our mission to fulfill our responsibilities for the humanity of today and the next generations, to act with the awareness of environmental protection and spread this mentality. We guarantee to be the company that practices the environmental protection along with the preventive actions against the unnecessary use of resources.


The roes spawned out by our specially bred spawner fish starts to crack within 3-4 days at 14 °C – 17 °C temperature.


The hatching seed fish are born with pouches on their stomachs. As these pouches disappear, they start to be fed with live bait.


The seed fish become ready to be transferred to the sea after being kept in hatchery tank for 120 days. Once the seed fish reach a weight of 2 grams, they are put into the sea, usually in spring.


The fish are placed in underwater cages. Here, they reach 400 grams weight in the end fof 15 to 18 months.  This growth rate can depend on the seawater temperaure and some other external factors.


The fish in the cages are harvested when they reach a marketable size. The harvest process is carried out with a great care in order not to cause harm or stress on the fish. The harvested fish are placed  inside isolated iced tanks and transferred to packaging facility.


In Kılıç’s Processing and Packaging Facility, fish are classified and packed naturally according ot their weight. Fillet products, on the other hand, are packaged freshly in chilled or frozen state and prepared for shipping. However, all the packaging options our customers demand are available in frozen, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packed) and  boxed forms.


Kılıç Deniz A.Ş aims for 100% traceability in its all products. Our current traceability system makes it possible to track all the levels of process from roes to the packaged fish. Our company has been in production with a constant goal of qualitty assurance.

Evaluation of the Fish

Prior to harvesting, we collect information about the size, density, color and weight of our fish at each location. We harvest our fish in the light of this information. We perform an acceptance inspection and evaluate each fish that comes to our packaging facility according to the quality criteria until it is delivered to the customer. .

Food safety

Each stage of production chain is tracked in order to offer safe products to customers.  All the analyses are performed in our internal laboratories and other accredited external laboratories.


Kılıç Deniz is certified by independent bodies according to various food standards. e.g. BRC, IFS, Global GAP.

Supplier monitoring for optimum quality

Our quality assurance team monitors our suppliers every year. Our suppliers are being monitored concerning the subjects of HAACP, hygiene management, traceability etc.

Keeping on track

Each note, customer comment, corrective action, product specification etc. about Kılıç products are recorded. A basic system has been implemented to access the required information easily.

Quality department

Our quality department has been coordinated in a way that ensures communication with customers about all questions regarding to product quality. Any feedback is evaluated carefully. Also, Kılıç works coordinated in order to ensure the product safety and quality in all stages of production.

Being prepared

Kılıç Deniz A.Ş. has a full traceability from the roes to the customer stage. Each year, product recall tests are being performed.

ISO 9001:2008

With the international standard of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, it is aimed to increase the customer satisfaction through an efficient execution of the system including the constant improvement and the assurance given to the customer regarding the compliance to the current conditions.

ISO 14001:2005

In order to increase the efficiency of our natural resources and grow sustainable products, the environmental effects of our business and the improvement of our environmental performance are measured with the pre-determined goals and constant monitoring with the Environmental Management System. All the monitoring activities are carried out in accordance to the legal requirements and ISO 14001 Standard.

ISO 22000:2004

The importance given to the food chain has been emphasized by including the Food Safety Management System into the general management system activities of our Company. Any dangers possible to occur in the food chain are determined thanks to the generated prerequirement programs, hazard analyses and HACCP principles. Interactive communication methods are developed and relevant control measures are taken in order to offer safe marine products to the final consumer.


Being a comprehensive organization that emphasizes biodiversity, animal welfare, occupational safety, food safety and traceability, we are the bigges practitioner of GLOBALG.A.P. certification in Turkey with our 30 Cage Facilities, 6 Hatcheries, 2 Packaging and Processing Facilities and a Fish Feed Factory.

BRC (British Retail Consortium)

Founded by British Retail Consortium, BRC is a food safety and quality standard which brings a proactive approach to the food safety. Any problems possible to occur about food safety are eliminated. Our BRC compliance is evaluated annually by internationally recognized certification bodies.

IFS (International Featured Standards)

As a standard created by the joint efforts of German, French and Italian retailers, it examines the food safety and quality topics. Thanks to the IFS inspection we receive annually, we get a chance to understand the food safety level of our company and the aspects in which we can improve ourselves.