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  • Arrow - Light Weight Steel Trailers

    Arrow - Light Weight Steel Trailers

    The Arrow trailers are designed as our light weight steel models and is our 'ECO' version of the Night Hawk Trailer. The V-nose and tapered roof, coupled with a variety of sizes and options make it the perfect trailer for the following applications: hauling mortorcycles/motorsports, houehold items, moving kids to college, furniture moving/storage, scout troops, and weekend enthusiasts.

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  • Featherlite Bumper Pull Livestock Trailers

  • Featherlite - Model 8107 - Bumper Pull Livestock Trailer

    Featherlite - Model 8107 - Bumper Pull Livestock Trailer

    Featherlite Model 8107 economical bumper pull stock trailer is a compact model, perfect for hauling a few livestock just about anywhere across the farm or ranch. This innovative design eliminates wheel wells that cut into the trailer, ensuring a better fit for your livestock. Model 8107 also makes a great show trailer. Various options are also available to customize the Model 8107 as a combo trailer for hauling horses and livestock both.

  • Featherlite Gooseneck Livestock Trailers

  • Featherlite - Model 8117 - Gooseneck Livestock Trailer

    Featherlite - Model 8117 - Gooseneck Livestock Trailer

    While Featherlite trailers are known for their innovative and convenient options, the Model 8117 stock trailer offers convenience through simplicity and a great price! Simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of quality, however. With its premium, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, Model 8117 is a great value and option for your livestock hauling!

  • Featherlite - Model 8127 - Gooseneck Livestock Trailer

    Featherlite - Model 8127 - Gooseneck Livestock Trailer

    Value meets versatility in the famous Featherlite Model 8127. This gooseneck stock trailer offers prospective buyers the ability to customize their trailer, including the length and height. They can choose as well from an almost endless list of customization options. This is a trailer that is guaranteed to be uniquely yours!

  • Featherlite Semi Livestock Trailers

  • Featherlite - Model 8261 - Semi Livestock Trailer

    Featherlite - Model 8261 - Semi Livestock Trailer

    Double the efficiency of your livestock operation with the Featherlite stock trailer Model 8261! Recent enhancements, including a lighter weight and a new aluminum subframe with spread axle, give livestock haulers added payload capacity! This all-aluminum trailer not only boasts all the standard Featherlite features but also offers several useful options, such as a winter enclosure kit. Take advantage of double deck hauling today!

  • Featherlite - Model 8270 - Semi Livestock Trailer

    Featherlite - Model 8270 - Semi Livestock Trailer

    The durable, easy-towing advantages of an aluminum livestock trailer aren’t just limited to small ranchers and hobby farmers. The Featherlite semi stock trailer Model 8270 caters to big livestock operations. The Model 8270 has standard Featherlite safety features such as LED wraparound lighting and the Featherlite wiring harness. The 8270 also offers options such as air ride suspension, a full-width loading ramp and a clean out trap...

Products by Bravo Srl

  • Rotomix

  • ENTRY - Model 3500/4000/4500L - Self Moving Mixing Trucks

    ENTRY - Model 3500/4000/4500L - Self Moving Mixing Trucks

    The Rotomix4 mod. 3500, 4000 and 4500L are those used in the companies of the middle zootechnical segment. Most suitable for livestocks under development with an always variable number of heads : they guarantee the same results as the 'bigger sisters”.

  • Bicieffe

  • Model SBi & SBi/i - Cubicles and Unloading Feeder

    Model SBi & SBi/i - Cubicles and Unloading Feeder

    The SBI 1480 unwinders can hold a round bale of 120 cm base and any diameter. The SBi/i Hybrid is equipped with catenary of unrolling with sleepers which allow the use of very chopped products and, thanks to the independent motor on the conveyor and to the “short-straw kit”, the parallelepipedal bales can be used. Twines or wires that wrap the bales are easily eliminated by the operator after loading. You can also put the fork loading....

  • Model SBQi - Feeder

    Model SBQi - Feeder

    The SBQI Bicieffe feeder-distributors can hold a bale of any size in the model 1480 and two bales (max 70x120)×in the model 1780. Changing the speed of unrolling, both round bales and cornstalks can be used (they do not work with round bales of hay). The straw-thrower with 4 rows of springs ensures a jet of product up to 11 m of distance by the extremity of the conveyor. With the “cubicle kit” and the inversion of rotation of the...

  • SPAND - Sawdust Spreaders

    SPAND - Sawdust Spreaders

    The sawdust spreaders series SPAND Bicieffe 36 distribute optimally and uniformly the various types of sawdust, the wet separated, the chopped straw. The distribution is performed with a turbine that works without admission of air in order to contain the dust emission to a widely acceptable level.

  • Self-Moving Straw Spreader

    Self-Moving Straw Spreader

    Revolving straw spreaders with round and parallelepipedal bales with straw-thrower on conveyor for cubicles, beddings and unloading in feeder. The self-moving versions Bicieffe are the natural complement to the wide range of the produced straw spreaders. The engine Yanmar 47hp / 35kw gives the necessary power to the SAUER MPV46 hydrostatic pump for advancement and to all the other hydraulic functions of the machines. Thanks to the reversible driving...