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Kinze is a global manufacturer of planters and grain carts. We are still family owned and operated. As farmers ourselves, we are focused on innovation. At Kinze Manufacturing, we live and breathe agriculture. We are farmers, too. That’s why Kinze is the recognized technology leader and innovator of row crop planters and grain carts. Since our founding in 1965, we’ve taken pride in our products and worked hard to bring the most reliable row crop equipment to growers’ fields.

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2172 M Avenue , Williamsburg , Indiana 52361 USA

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ntegrity, innovation, excellence, customer focus and mutual respect. These are the core values upon which Jon Kinzenbaw built his company. They are the values that drive all business activities today.

In 1965, a 21-year old farm boy from Victor, Iowa opened his own welding shop with a small bank loan and $25 in his pocket. Everyone who knew young Jon Kinzenbaw at the time could see that he had a gifted ability for 'fixing things.' But no one could have guessed that his welding shop would one day grow into one of the largest specialty manufacturers in North America. Today, Jon is still actively involved in the business. He also continues to farm in addition to enjoying his hobby as an avid antique tractor collector.


Susanne (Kinzenbaw) Veatch, daughter of Jon and Marcia Kinzenbaw, is the second generation in the family business. Susanne graduated from Iowa State University with a double major in Business. Prior to joining Kinze in 2005, she worked as a Systems Analyst for Caterpillar and spent many summers working in all areas in the family business.

'Growing up, I spent countless hours with my Dad in the office, proto shop and field. He invested his heart, mind and energy into Kinze and was always looking for the next innovative planting or harvesting solution to increase productivity. He always made time for my brother and me and I have fond memories of the toys he made for us growing up. Today, I share his same passion for our company, our people and our commitment to customers worldwide. As a result, we continue to experience strong, sustainable market share growth domestically and globally.

My parents instilled many values into us based on Christian principles. Kinze core values are not just words, they define our culture and business operation. Integrity is absolutely essential. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to increase farmer productivity. Our farmer customers are the reason we are in business, and we understand their needs because we are farmers too. We are proud to put our name on Kinze equipment and to build high quality, durable products that are made in America. The American farmer helps feed the world and we are honored to contribute to this awesome responsibility.'


In 1965, a 21-year old farm boy from Victor, Iowa opened his own welding shop with a small bank loan and $25 in his pocket. Anyone who knew young Jon Kinzenbaw at the time could see he had a gifted ability for 'fixing things.' However, no one could have predicted this little welding business would one day turn into one of the largest, privately held agricultural equipment manufacturers in North America.


Jon's first manufactured product: a 13-knife, 30-ft anhydrous ammonia application toolbar. His first patented product: a high-clearance, variable-width moldboard plow. His first major innovation: the first-ever single axle, low-profile grain cart (with giant high-flotation tires), designed and built in 1971. It revolutionized grain handling during harvest time.


However, the event that really placed Kinze on an amazing growth curve that continues still today was a conversation with farmers in 1975. After hearing some of his farmer friends complain about the amount of time they wasted constantly dismantling and loading their planters onto Donahue trailers, Jon invented a rear-folding planter toolbar. It revolutionized planting overnight.


'There is nothing more powerful than a better idea and a satisfied customer. That first rear-fold planter sold 20 more. The next 20 sold another 80. And that's the way it happens,' Kinzenbaw says. 


To meet the huge demand, Kinzenbaw purchased 10 acres of land and built a new manufacturing plant just North of I-80 near Williamsburg, Iowa. Before the end of the decade, he added 600- and 800-bushel grain carts to the product line-up.  And ever since then, the ideas have just kept coming.


Today, Kinze is still privately held by the Kinzenbaw family and a market leader in innovative, durable and high-quality planters and grain carts. The company's world headquarters and manufacturing facilities span more than 25 acres under roof. Kinze now employs approximately 1,000 people and continues to reinvest into the future with state-of-the-art facilities and manufacturing equipment, while marketing their equipment through a global dealer network. 


The Kinzenbaw family and many Kinze employees own and operate row crop farms. This also brings a unique perspective to the way Kinze equipment is  designed and manufactured. What better way to evaluate farm equipment than using it in your own farming operation.  


At Kinze, it starts with listening. Listening to farmers at the forefront of innovation. Farmers who want to take advantage of proven technologies that maximize productivity.  Listening . then designing, building, testing, refining and using it on our own farms.  That's the way it works ... at Kinze!

How a company conducts itself in the business world starts at the top. In 1965, Jon Kinzenbaw founded the company on a set of core values. These core values have withstood the test of time and are the foundation of our culture. They are as relevant today as they were in 1965 and drive all business activities and decisions. 


We will conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships. Honesty, commitment, truth and honor are not just words; they are the governing Christian principles by which we conduct our business.


We are customer driven. There must be a sense of urgency on any matters related to our customers. Service and warranty are ahead of profit. Customers assure our future and drive our growth. We are in business as a result of the trust and loyalty of our customers.


We are committed to excellence. It must permeate our culture and every aspect of our activities. Each of us must make a maximum effort to provide a quality product that responds to and anticipates our customer needs. Our products must meet and exceed competition. Rather than asking, 'Is it good enough?' we must ask, 'How can we do it better?' The policies and procedures we implement will guide the management of our organization's crucial resources so we can remain profitable. Operational excellence will be achieved by working together as a team and diligently performing tasks in an exceptional manner. The quality of everything we do reflects on us and is essential for maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.


Innovation is critical to our success. Our workplace must be an environment where creativity and new ideas, consistent with our company direction, have the ability to reach their full potential. We welcome new challenges as opportunities for growth and must be able to react quickly to our customer needs.


Mutual respect is the ability to listen to and learn from everyone. We care about the professional and personal well-being of each member of Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. People are our greatest asset, and we will strive to exhibit care, concern and interest in those with whom we work and with whom we do business. Our work environment respects individual talents and provides opportunities for training, leadership development, professional growth and financial reward. A secure, highly motivated and well-trained workforce will thrive and enjoy the challenges of meeting our customer needs.