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  • Kirby - Horizontal Mixers

    Kirby - Horizontal Mixers

    With creative engineering backed by quality construction, Kirby Manufacturing is the only choice when it comes to purchasing a heavy duty mixer feeder. The following are standard features with each Kirby model Relief Cut Auger Flighting & Knife-Like Blades- Help to reduce the torque requirements while providing you with a quick and thorough mixing of commodities. In addition, the augers easily mix whole bales and long roughage into your ration....

  • Kirby - One-Ton Bale Processor

    Kirby - One-Ton Bale Processor

    Kirby’s One-Ton Bale Processor is simple to use, durable, and easily maintained, which makes it the most efficient feeding machine on the market. One person can hook up this bale processor to a tractor and begin turning bales of hay into a palatable feed in half the normal time.

  • Kirby - Feed Wagon

    Kirby - Feed Wagon

    Production is increased while feed loss, labor and maintenance are reduced through the use of Kirby Feeders. This equipment easily handles silage, haylage, grain and alfalfa cubes or can be used as a blender to mix these ingredients. Loaded in the field from forage harvester or loaded from a silo, your Kirby Feeder moves directly to feeding pens and distributes controlled amounts of feed to your livestock.

  • Kirby - Commercial Manure Spreader

    Kirby - Commercial Manure Spreader

    Reversible Hydraulic/Planetary Floor Drive with Variable Speed. Self Contained Hydraulic System w/ Filter, Pump, Valves, Pressure Relief, & Reservoir. Detachable Twin Beater Assembly. Reinforced Floor - 3' Cross-members on 12' centers. Dual Axle Fenders. Independent Floor Chain Adjustments. Structural Steel Channel Frame. Head Board.

  • Kirby - Freestall Wagons

    Kirby - Freestall Wagons

    Standard Equipment - Freestall Bedding Wagon. 24” Right-Hand, High-Speed Belt Crossfeed. 540 PTO. Two Beaters with Round Steel Pegs. Single Axle Trailer. 12.5L x 16 – 12 Ply Floatation Tires. Heavy Duty Pin Type Hitch.

  • Kirby - Strawbedding Wagon

    Kirby - Strawbedding Wagon

    Reversible Hydraulic Floor Drive and Variable Speed. Two Beaters with Serrated knives. Push Gate. Single Axle Trailer. 16.5 x 16.1 Tires. 1000 RPM PTO Pump. Self Contained Hydraulic System with: Filter, Pump, Reservoir, Valves, Pressure Relief.