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  • Spreading Technology

  • Silverline - Model B4040  - Mountain Spreader

    Silverline - Model B4040 - Mountain Spreader

    Primarily in the agricultural area very high requirements are made to the frame. Therefore KIRCHNER use for spreaders of the B and T series a double frame-system. Each vehicle consist of two separate parts which are weld together. A strong frame connects the drawbar with the axle and forms the base of the spreader. The platform built on it contains the floor and side-boards. By this system the frame of the spreader gets...

  • Model T3090 - Professional Spreaders

    Model T3090 - Professional Spreaders

    Professional spreaders for a reliable business also at hard operating conditions and heavy duty use. All spreaders with robust, continous parallel frames out of tubes. All axles and brakes are TUV-checked and suitable for 40 km/h (for 60 km/h on request). Instead of the series construction with timber flooring every professional spreader can be delivered with a 'Dump-body' (side-boards and metal flooring welded together).

  • Slurry Technology

  • Model T Series - Slurry Tankers

    Model T Series - Slurry Tankers

    All KIRCHNER slurry tankers can be delivered with vacuum-pump, worm type pump, rotary-piston pump or vacuum-centrifugal pump. All tanks are produced in the own work Anzenhof, outside and inside hot galvanized and protected with a colorless coating outside. Construction tankers for all usual means of transporter types or for the assembly on trucks available.Tanks of the KIRCHNER slurry tanker are welded not only on the...

  • Model TM - Slurry Mixer

    Model TM - Slurry Mixer

    P.t.o driven with 540 npm. Two adjustable agitating wings. Stabilizer. Carriage. Agitator-pipe swing out. If desired propellers with threevings (not adjustable). Type 'classic' (pic. above) for tractors without hydraulic top-handlebar or type 'universal' (pic. below) for tractors with hydraulic top-handlebar

  • Model TMH - Slurry Mixer

    Model TMH - Slurry Mixer

    P.t.o driven with 540 rpm. Propellers with three wings and protection ring Carriage. Hydraulic inclination with 1 cylinder (TMH/S) or   2 cylinder (TMH/A). Agitator-pipe rigidly for open pits (TMH/S). Agitator-pipe swing out for closed pits (TMH/A)  If desired with two adjustable agitating wing

  • Shredder

  • Model SML Series - Flail Shredder

    Model SML Series - Flail Shredder

    Available from 90 till 180 cm working width (Type SML) in a light version, from 160 till 300 cm working width (Type SM) in a heavy version.The material quality and the rotor produced in the own work ensure a reliable and problem-free employment.

  • Silage Trailer

  • Model TH 3037 - Silage Trailer

    Model TH 3037 - Silage Trailer

    The new KIRCHNER silage-trailer were developed by using the approved technology of the professional manure spreaders. The trailer-frameworks are therefore executed very robustly. This leads to a high stability and driving safety of the machine.The side-boards made of trapezium metals with lateral screwed supports is conceived weight reduced but very stably.The conical steel-platform ensures a fast and easy unloading and is driven hydraulic over an...

  • Grain Trailers

  • Model TG 3021 - Grain Trailer

    Model TG 3021 - Grain Trailer

    Suitably for grain, rape, corn, seed as well as all trickling capable fertilizer types, the new trailer is offered by KIRCHNER as a single-axle version with a loading volume of 21 m3 and a tandem version with 25 m3 (28 m3). Depending on the field of application a wheelbase of 1525 or 1810 mm can be chosen by the tandem machine. A tridem-trailer with 32 m3 follow soon.