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  • SweepEx  - Model SWB-320 - Walk-Behind Rotary

    SweepEx - Model SWB-320 - Walk-Behind Rotary

    SWB-320 Walk-Behind Rotary Broom Features     1-speed transmission: Simply hold down the bale to engage the drive system.     Adjustable brush angle: Pivot the brush to one of the five angle settings to control the window of debris.     Centrally driven brush: Work up against curbs or walls from either the right- or left-hand side of the machine, since there are no drive systems in the way of operation.     Adjustable handle height: Set the handlebars...

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  • Spreaders

  • SnowEx V-Maxx - Model SP-2200/SP-2400 - Spreaders

    SnowEx V-Maxx - Model SP-2200/SP-2400 - Spreaders

    Turn your dump body into a winter workhorse with the SP-2200 under tailgate and SP-2400 replacement tailgate spreaders. These units allow you to combine the large capacity of a dump box with the efficiency of a SnowEx auger system, providing a cost-effective solution for year-round truck use.

  • Snow Plows

  • SnowEx - Snow Plows Light Truck

    SnowEx - Snow Plows Light Truck

    The SnowEx line of Light Truck snow plows provides all the features of our professional grade plows in a package designed specifically for Jeep vehicles, SUVs and compact pick-ups. The plows meet vehicle weight requirements without having to sacrifice performance, allowing driveways and other tight areas to be cleared in no time.

  • SnowEx - Regular-Duty Snow Plows

    SnowEx - Regular-Duty Snow Plows

    For personal plowing or light-duty commercial snow plowing jobs using half-ton pick-ups, the SnowEx 7600RD and 8000RD are engineered to meet vehicle weight ratings and deliver excellent performance. Built with stronger and lighter high-strength steel, the units are ideal for tough conditions while putting less stress on your truck than heavier snow plows.