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  • Sprayers - Trailed Sprayers

  • Model ES - Trailed Sprayers

    Model ES - Trailed Sprayers

    A cost effective and simple to operate sprayer. 2500 and 3000 litre tank capacity. 18m to 24m booms. Dual damped mechanical tracking system. Electronic application rate control. Seven day field support

  • Cultivators

  • Raven - Cultivator

    Raven - Cultivator

    Progressive cultivator with V ring packer. One row of deep working tines down to 350mm. One row of secondary tines. Two rows of hydraulic adjustable discs. Optional Rape Seeding attachement. Hydraulic depth adjustment

  • Model XE - Swifter Disc Cultivator

    Model XE - Swifter Disc Cultivator

    10m or 12m high output disc cultivator. Special 'A' discs for better penetration. Choice of different packers to suit your farm. Folds to 3m for road transport. Front depth wheels for constant depth control. Can be equipped with seeder unit.

  • Model SM - Swifter Cultivator

    Model SM - Swifter Cultivator

    A versatile seedbed cultivator. Choice of three different tine options. Levels cultivates and consolidates in one pass. Independently suspended and adjustable elements. Wheel eradicators. Available in widths up to 18.2m.

  • Terraland  - Model TN - Cultivator

    Terraland - Model TN - Cultivator

    Bednar’s Terraland chisel plough from Knight Farm Machinery could help users protect their soils against wind and water erosion. The machine – which can work up to 65 cms deep - offers a viable alternative to ploughing, and is proving popular with farmers looking to restructure damaged soils, such as those growing a substantial acreage of root crops. The machine’s rear roller creates a well consolidated and levelled surface The teeth...

  • Model M Press - Cultivator

    Model M Press - Cultivator

    A strong medium duty press cultivator. Shouldered 600mm dia, depth stable press rings. Optional front disc unit for trash control. Unique front roller for excellent depth control. Semi mounted coupling uses tractor draft control. Fast change 'Speedloc' points

  • Mulchers

  • Bednar - Mulchers

    Bednar - Mulchers

    Bednar’s mulchers from Knight are designed to mow and maintain field margins, conservation features and other grassland. They include a unique blade arrangement designed specifically to desstroy the hibernation site of the European corn borer which attacks Maize crops.