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  • Terra  - Model 5000 Ex - Loader

    Terra - Model 5000 Ex - Loader

    The Terra Load 5000 combines cost-efficiency, performance, and reliability into a unique overall design. This integrated component package offers an unsurpassable price/performance ratio. Solid technology integrates proven top quality brands to provide a sound base for many years of continuous heavy-duty operation.

  • Terra Trac  - Model 82 - Tractor

    Terra Trac - Model 82 - Tractor

    The Terra Trac 82 combines power practical technology and an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Terra Tec Series tractors are rugged, low-maintenance workhorses available for a very affordable price. Despite the low cost, all key components are sourced from top brand manufacturers. Unnecessary electronics were eliminated to reduce chances for errors and to enable the customer to perform many service and repair tasks himself. This eliminates expensive...

  • Terra  - Model TS45 - Skid Steer Loader

    Terra - Model TS45 - Skid Steer Loader

    The Terra Skid Steer Loader TS45 adopts skid steer technology. Two varable pumps supply the hydraulic energy to impulse the two motors to revolve and export torque to drive the machine. This loader has two levers (left and right) to control the forward,backward, turning and wheeling of the machine. The TS45 has great ability to surmount the barrier and can work and wheel in narrow space and uses an auto-levelling system to make the lifting and falling...