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  • Nitamin 30L

    Nitamin 30L

    Nitamin® 30L patented fertilizer was developed for use as a foliar application on crops and turfgrass. The water-soluble liquid is a blend of methylene urea, urea, and triazone that contains 30% nitrogen, of which 60% is slowly available. The remaining 40% is urea, which provides a readily-available nitrogen component.

  • AGROTAIN - ULTRA Nitrogen Stabilizer

    AGROTAIN - ULTRA Nitrogen Stabilizer

    Designed for urea or urea ammonium nitrate (UAN), AGROTAIN® ULTRA stabilizer inhibits urease (a naturally occurring enzyme) from breaking down the urea molecule on the soil surface and releasing ammonia gas to the atmosphere. This protection provides more time for urea to be incorporated into the soil, resulting in reduced ammonia volatilization loss and making more nitrogen available to the plants.

  • AGROTAIN - DRY Nitrogen Stabilizer

    AGROTAIN - DRY Nitrogen Stabilizer

    Like AGROTAIN® ULTRA nitrogen stabilizer, AGROTAIN® DRY stabilizer protects urea and UAN by inhibiting urease enzymes from breaking down the urea molecule into ammonia gas on the soil surface. The difference with AGROTAIN® DRY stabilizer is that it gives you additional application options with the same consistent results. This dry formula is recommended for use with air-flow spreaders and planting equipment.