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  • Spare Parts Services

    Spare Parts Services

    By manufacturing its own Köppl GmbH we can ensure the supply of spare parts - even for devices that already back several generations of devices. The high vertical integration - we produce up to tires and engines all in our main plant in Entschenreuth - enables us to provide almost every part of your Köppl product as a replacement part available. Self-bar knife and drives are produced entirely by and. Devices whose production it...

  • Customer Services

    Customer Services

    Especially in tough continuous operation equipment must be properly maintained and inspected. Make sure that you leave at regular intervals your equipment checked by your dealer. If major repairs are pending, will advise you what merchant you about a loan or replacement device.

  • Mobile On-Site Services

    Mobile On-Site Services

    In the event of a major disorder that can be solved directly, only Köppl, contact your dealer our mobile on-site service. We pick up the machine from you, rectify the fault in our factory and deliver the machine then back to the pickup location back.For the period of troubleshooting can give you a replacement device, possibly with the required attachments, are provided....