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Krenek Tractor Inc. welcomes you to our new site!  We are the oldest family owned tractor operation in Washington County!  Providing friends and customers with quality sales, parts and service for over 30 years!  Specializing in new and used equipment.

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3500 Highway 36 South , Brenham , Texas 77833 USA

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For you folks who are 'new to the country,' welcome to the oldest family owned and operated tractor dealership in Washington County! God has been good to us for over 30 years and we are dedicated to providing you with the best we have to offer in sales and service.

I grew up in Snook, Texas, a Czech community, on a farm with my family. I loved the challenge of planting crops, the gamble with the seasons…but my passion was driving my Dad’s JD-H, JD-B, and JD-60! With that, came repairing them, and I could do overhauls on motors and transmissions by the time I was 14 years old. Years later in 1962, I married a lovely girl from Brenham named Joyce. By then I knew it was high time to get out on my own and make a living.  I started work at Tiemann Bros., a Massey Ferguson dealership, where I stayed for the next ten years as a mechanic.

Fast forward to 1971, which is when we relocated to our current location on highway 36 south.  Since we were in a farming community, it only took days for local farmers to hear about the work I was doing after hours from Tiemann’s in the little blacksmith shop next to our home. Before long, the work load was more than I could handle alone and I was able to talk my good friend and brother-in-law, Henry Jankowiak, into helping me out when he got off work from Sealy Mattress. Henry grew up nearby in Wesley, and married my wife’s sister, Sandra. We moonlighted every night until May, 1972! Encouraged by our wives, we decided to start our own business and Krenek’s Tractor Repair Inc., was born.

The first “new” lines we sold were Krone and Vicon hay machinery. Later we added rotary mowers and more until finally in 1985 we were offered the Zetor Tractor dealership. Being of Czech decent, I was especially proud to promote the line! Over the past ten years, Zetor has become our most popular line and continues to grow.

The past 30 years have brought much gratification to us primarily from the many fine people that have trusted us to fulfill their service and buying needs. The next time you are in or around Washington County, stop by for a cup of coffee and some friendly service.  We, along with our children who make up the second generation of Krenek’s, look forward to helping you in the coming years.