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  • Kress - Finger Weeder

    Kress - Finger Weeder

    For mechanical weed control in the row, Kress developed the Finger Weeder. The Finger Weeder is constructed around a rotating disc with polyurethane fingers. The fingers are driven by a cast iron sprocket that drives through the soil. The flexible fingers move in between the plants in the row and make the young weeds loose so they dry out. The machine is successfully applied in leeks, maize, sunflowers, sugar beet and iceberg lettuce. For row...

  • Kress - Drag Harrow

    Kress - Drag Harrow

    Drag harrows can be used for weed control in crops such as potatoes and cereals, or for seed bed preparation. The frame width can vary between 1.4 to 12.8 metres. The bigger frames can be folded back to 3 metres for road transport, either hydraulically or manually. The tines come in different shapes and thicknesses.

  • Mechanical Hoes

  • Finger Weeder

    Finger Weeder

    Rubber fingers grip from the side around the plant and there they hoe the weeds. In this way, the area which no other mechanical hoe usually reaches will be weeded as well.

  • Triple-Hoe


    The KRESS-Triplehoe is designed for accurate weeding even at large working widths. This is realized by the optoelectronic system called Autopilot from KRESS.The plant row is seen by a camera and the collected data are analyzed in a computer, which controls directly the hydraulic stearing. Because every bed is controled seperately, the common bed preparation and planting systems can be used without any modification. The outcome of this is high...

  • Cage Weeder

    Cage Weeder

    With this machine KRESS & CO has given a total new idea to mechanical weed control. The absolutely new principle of effect and construction received the award for new inventions on the Agritechnica '95.This new method of weed control and soil loosening works particularly very effective in early stadiums. The machine is used in all row-crops.

  • Star - Cultivator

    Star - Cultivator

    The KRESS-Star-Cultivator is an important machine in the KRESS & Co weeding series. The range of use is enormous – from preparing ridges over inter-row weed control with protection shields up to soil accumulation in potatoes, carrots etc. With the exchangeable stars the working width starts at 60 cm from row to row. Thus, the KRESS Star Cultivator can be used for all cultivation in ridges. A REAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOOL.

  • Tool Carriers and Horse Pulling Teleskopic Hoe

    Tool Carriers and Horse Pulling Teleskopic Hoe

    Weeding is the most important work for vegetable growers. Breaking the crust is, beside hoeing of weeds and guaranteeing of a good water balance inside the soil, of great importance. Beside the hoeing, it is very important to crumble hard soil in order to provide good water balance in the soil.  The very compact construction of the Teleskopic Hoe is ideal to combinate with the KRESS-Fingerweeder, especially with the tool carrier or in front.

  • Habicht System

    Habicht System

    When designing the Habicht-System, there was focuse on multifunctional use and intransigent stability, especially for large working widths over 3 m to work in the front or at rear. With the adjustable support weels, an accurate guidance of depth of the spring mounted tools is always guaranteed.

  • Argus System

    Argus System

    Most versatile combination options, precise working close to the culture row, strength and time-saving adjustement of framework position and tools in connection with comfortable controllability and handling of the machine, that is our ARGUS precision technology for farmers with high requirements to their weed management.

  • Ridge Cultivator

    Ridge Cultivator

    We have the solution: the KRESS-Ridge Cultivation System comes with hilling discs (adaptable to the ridge) and furrow shares.the furrow-shares cut the weeds in the furrow and along the ridge, the discs afterwards pushes the soil upwards. By using our adapter pieces, the Ridge-Cultivation-System can be mounted to the Argus- or Habichtsystem. 

  • Autopilot - Guidance System

    Autopilot - Guidance System

    This new technology is based on a camera coupled to a computer. The computer controls a hydraulic cylinder, which acts on the steering wheels of the cultivator. This system can perform a precise steering of row crop cultivators thus improving weeding efficiency. The hoeing can be done closer to the plants than would otherwise be possible with manual steering. The operation is easy and comfortable. There are no risks of human...

  • Harrow Technology

  • Flexible Tine Harrow

    Flexible Tine Harrow

    Because harrowing is not always harrowing, KRESS & CO remembers the forerunner of all harrows - the Flexible Tine Harrow, which is manufactured equal to the „System Schöneberger“ ,with working widths from 1,5 – 12 m. The critical factor to receive a good working success is the right way of „blind- or black-harrowing“, that removes and spills the weeds easily. For this work the KRESS-Flexible Tine Harrow is still...

  • Flame Weeding

  • Weed Control System

    Weed Control System

    Pre-emergent weed-control is the most effective way to manage weeds in vegetable crops, especially in organic farming. The method is well suited to slow-germinating, direct-seeded cultures. Carrots, for example, gain the necessary advance in growth when flame-weeded already before emerging.