Krone, manufacturing modern forage harvesting equipment to the highest quality standards and at competitive prices at the small village of Spelle in northern Germany, is committed to continuously push the efficiency of farm machinery to ever higher levels. It is the right blend of innovation, expertise and customer focus that has made Krone one of the German market leaders and the long-term market leader in disc mowers and round balers.

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Heinrich-Krone-Straße 10 , Spelle , D-48480 Germany

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

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The full product range comprises disc mowers, tedders, rotor rakes, forage wagons as well as round and square balers and includes the two SF harvesters Big M and Big X. Big M is a high-capacity mower conditioner that works at widths of 13.20 m. The Big X precision-chop forage harvester is currently the world's most powerful forage harvester. Krone markets Big X in various power bands that range from 500 hp to more than 1,000 hp. As the first mover in the agricultural sector, Krone has again and again presented spearheading innovations in forage technology. After all, advanced farm machinery is absolutely essential to make farming a viable operation. For example, Krone was the first manufacturer to introduce a round baler with integral wrapper – our Combi Pack baler wrapper that bales and wraps in one operation. Our Big M high-capacity SF mower conditioner quickly set up new and welcomed bench marks in the farming community. After all, there are currently more than 1,000 units working in the fields around the world. The latest innovation is the new Big X forage harvester range, which was unveiled in August 2010. Big X stands out for its new common-rail engine from MAN, which delivers more output at greater fuel economy and offers operators an absolutely new cab dimension. The engine features the innovative Krone output management system, which provides the flexibility of operating the machine to different power curves that match different applications. In road transport, for example, the engine operates to a specific power curve that allows the machine to travel at 40km/h at the most economical consumption rate. Back in the field, the operator selects one of two modes, each mode catering for specific conditions. In applications that do not require high output levels (e.g. in second cuts), the operator selects Eco Power mode for extremely economical operation. By comparison, when set to X-Power mode, the MAN common-rail system develops its full power under full load in difficult maize conditions, enabling Big X to tap into a new – and for a forager – unprecedented dimension of power.