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  • Ultra Clima - Greenhouse

    Ultra Clima - Greenhouse

    A modern greenhouse needs to satisfy many requirements. A grower’s first requirement is often to have an energy-efficient greenhouse. Sustainable cultivation is a development that’s here to stay. With the Ultra-Clima, KUBO Group has made advancements towards the greenhouse of the future. It is a greenhouse that combines all the requirements of modern growers in one: higher yields, maximum food safety, minimum energy and water consumption,...

  • Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo Greenhouse

    KUBO is one of the greenhouse builders that has made further improvements to the Venlo greenhouse concept over the decades. The Venlo greenhouse is still the most often built greenhouse type in the world. It is a greenhouse that is perfect for growing vegetables as well as flowers. The big advantage of the Venlo greenhouse is its incredible adaptability. The greenhouse is extremely flexible and can be produced in many sizes. It is also easy to...

  • Solar Clima - Greenhouse

    Solar Clima - Greenhouse

    The Solar Clima concept is comparable to a thermal solar power plant. The greenhouse operates like a huge solar collector. Solar power is transformed into steam in the greenhouse, with special mirrors being incorporated into the greenhouse to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Greenhouse as thermal solar power plant.

  • Clima - Urban Greenhouse

    Clima - Urban Greenhouse

    Greenhouse construction is shifting slowly but surely towards the city, where most consumers are located. This development fits in the local for local trend: no longer importing foodstuffs from far away, but producing them locally. KUBO has already gained a wealth of experience in urban farming. Why not construct a greenhouse on the roof of a business complex and produce vegetables in the city centre? The technology isn’t the problem. Urban...

  • KUBO - Model W - Cover

    KUBO - Model W - Cover

    The W cover is a KUBO development. It is an innovative W-shaped rubber profile incorporated into the rafter. Depending on requirements, a grower can select from double coverage (W2 cover), triple coverage (W3 cover) or quadruple coverage (W4 cover). This inventive discovery has enabled KUBO to develop a cover that is the very best on the market and is way ahead of its time.

  • Click Facade - Greenhouse

    Click Facade - Greenhouse

    Build-efficiency and cost-savings in manufacturing are increasing in importance in greenhouse construction. These two demands are met by the unique KUBO click facade. The laser cutting production technology results in a facade that is much easier to produce than conventional facades, which require drilling, sawing, cutting and welding of components. The result is a high-quality facade that meets all greenhouse horticulture standards and pushes...