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  • KUBO - Model Ultra Clima - Greenhouse

    KUBO - Model Ultra Clima - Greenhouse

    The Ultra-Clima is not a new greenhouse, but an entirely new growing concept. By using innovative technologies, KUBO has developed a concept that is revolutionary in every way. The possibilities of controlling the climate in the Ultra-Clima go far beyond what is possible in conventional greenhouses. This makes it possible to grow crops in ideal conditions. The use of fans creates a uniform climate throughout the Ultra-Clima. Overpressure prevents...

  • KUBO - Venlo Greenhouse

    KUBO - Venlo Greenhouse

    KUBO is one of several greenhouse builders to have fine-tuned and perfected the Venlo greenhouse concept over the years. The Venlo greenhouse is still one of the most commonly manufactured greenhouses in the world. It is ideally suited to the cultivation of both vegetables and flowers. The Venlo greenhouse offers a unique advantage in terms of its far-reaching adaptability. The greenhouse can be flexibly manufactured in a wide range of dimensions. As...

  • KUBO - Model solar-clima - Greenhouses Generate Steam

    KUBO - Model solar-clima - Greenhouses Generate Steam

    KUBO greenhouses are also used in various highly innovative applications, such as oil recovery. Working in collaboration with Glasspoint, KUBO has developed a very special greenhouse: the Solar Clima. Glasspoint is a company specialised in extending the life span of oil deposits. For economic reasons, the costs of oil recovery exceed the yields at a certain point in the process. Steam injection can be applied to heat up and liquefy oil residues in the...

  • KUBO - Urban Greenhouse

    KUBO - Urban Greenhouse

    Why not build a greenhouse on the roof of a business estate and produce vegetables in the heart of the city? The necessary technology is already available. Urban greenhouses are flexible in terms of dimensioning and offer the high yields needed to feed a large number of mouths. Urban greenhouse projects are already proving successful in many major cities around the world.