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  • KWMI - Model CIMG1807 - Rollmaster Harvester

    KWMI - Model CIMG1807 - Rollmaster Harvester

    Now with the latest innovative technology, the Automated ROLLMASTER will give you results with new levels of productivity, quality, and competitiveness in the turf industry. To remain competitive, operating with less cost is a must. The ROLLMASTER will increase your field productivity by cutting your production time in half. The ROLLMASTER can produce 30 rolls in 30 minutes depending on your sod conditions.

  • KWMI - Sod Harvester

    KWMI - Sod Harvester

    T/F – TEX/FLEX (floating head), Mounted on John Deere Tractor, Width of cut: 16″ or 18″, Slabbing or roll-up unit, Side-cut coulter blades, Hydraulic depth control, Optional hydraulic auto-steer, Unique hydraulic depth control allows driver to control depth of cut from the driver’s seat, Rubber torque bushings in place of bearings means longer life and quieter operation, #50 chain on cut-off drive.

  • KWMI - Model RL30/RL42 - Big Roll Harvester

    KWMI - Model RL30/RL42 - Big Roll Harvester

    3-point draw-bar mount hook-up. 21 gpm PTO pump driven. Trailer mount ensures correct set-up. 40 – 60 hp tractor needed. 30″ – 42″ cutting width x 100 – 120 ft. long. Single floating head. 0″ – 2″ cutting depth. 12v electric depth control. Side-cut coulter blades. Self-contained hydraulics.

  • KWMI Quick-Hitch - Sod Harvester

    KWMI Quick-Hitch - Sod Harvester

    The KWMI QUICK-HITCH HARVESTER is designed for easy hook-up to any tractor and is built to fit into a shipping container without any disassembly. This Slab/Mini-roll harvester has a floating head, coulters for cutting the width, and a bed knife to cut under the sod, leaving a perfect piece of grass.