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  • Poultry Heaters

  • Guardian - Forced Air Heaters

    Guardian - Forced Air Heaters

    The direct-fired L.B. White Guardian is designed to protect poultry growers’ investments when the weather turns cold. Guardian poultry complex heaters and pullet house heaters provide consistent, dependable heat that helps control poultry building temperature. Guardian heaters can be used in all poultry production environments and phases including breeding, laying, and meat-bird production.L.B. White is the pioneer in direct spark heaters. Years...

  • L.B. White Sentinel - Radiant Tube Heater

    L.B. White Sentinel - Radiant Tube Heater

    The L.B. White Sentinel is the only radiant tube heater designed specifically for poultry houses. With its advanced reflector and pressurized burner design, the Sentinel delivers maximum heat distribution out to the sidewalls, as well as even heat down the length of the tube. So you get better, more consistent heat coverage throughout the building. With interlocking tubes and self-leveling hangers included as part of a complete installation kit, the...

  • Infraconic - Radiant Heat Brooder

    Infraconic - Radiant Heat Brooder

    Improve animal welfare, production, and profitability in poultry houses with the patented Infraconic chick brooder heater.  I40_Delivers_More_Heat.jpgThis radiant heat poultry brooder leads the industry in heat efficiency, range of heat outputs, flexible installation and proven reliability. L.B. White designed the Infraconic chick brooder heater to save money on energy costs – up to 40% fuel cost savings depending on the poultry house...

  • Greenhouse Heaters

  • Therma Grow - Greenhouse Heaters

    Therma Grow - Greenhouse Heaters

    Therma Grow greenhouse heaters utilize exclusive, L.B. White Plant-Safe Technology, the only greenhouse heater certified to the stringent greenhouse emissions standards.

  • Tradesman - Portable Forced Air Heaters

    Tradesman - Portable Forced Air Heaters

    Engineered to deliver reliable, directional heat, L.B. White Tradesman horticultural heaters feature a unique 3-trial ignition system, the industry's heaviest gauge combustion chamber and burner plate, and Self Diagnostic Service Saver models for convenient trouble-shooting. L.B. White has perfected every aspect of our greenhouse heater design to withstand the harsh working environments. This has led to our reputation for reliability, durability and...