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  • Installation Planning and Supervision

    Installation Planning and Supervision

    Planning: Preparation of approval documents, Detailed installation planning, Call for tender announcement and final decision. Construction management, Approval of the completed installation, Implementation.

  • Regional Master Plans

    Regional Master Plans

    Projects for the supply of energy produced from biomass necessitate the comprehension and knowledge of the resource as well as the identification of the needs of a region. The project can be implemented only if it has been led with the local stakeholders. The Master plan can therefore promote the supply of alternative energy.

  • Agricultural Advice `Agro-BioGas`

    Agricultural Advice `Agro-BioGas`

    Agro-BioGas helps the operator to efficiently manage resources and capacities, in particular considering that today’s biogas plants are operated collectively and often have various suppliers. Agro-BioGas is logical and user-friendly, easy to familiarise with. It deals with all the tasks regarding production of the energetic plants as well as other energy sources (manure, waste). The transparent inventory management gives you the information...