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  • Poultry Equipment Technology

  • SKOV - Model DOL 99 - Poultry Feed Weighers

    SKOV - Model DOL 99 - Poultry Feed Weighers

    For many years, SKOV has developed, produced and marketed advanced production computers for poultry production. In addition to production computers, we have developed animal and feed weighers  that are essential components for ensuring optimum production control.

  • Impex - Dirty Poultry Water Detection Sensor

    Impex - Dirty Poultry Water Detection Sensor

    Clean drinking water is essential for optimal hygiene in poultry management. The Impex dirty water detection sensor continually monitors drinking water quality, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This patented light sensor measures the cloudiness of the drinking water as well as sediment in the drinking water line. With continual information on the drinking water quality, the poultry drinking water system is flushed when required for the optimal supply of...

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  • Ventilation Systems​

  • SKOV - Model LPV - Ventilation​​ System

    SKOV - Model LPV - Ventilation​​ System

    SKOV's LPV system is a classic low-pressure system for use in pig production, which can be adapted to most pig houses. The system is developed for the temperate parts of the world and comprises a number of components which together ensure optimal climate conditions for the animals.

  • Combi - All Weather Tunnel System

    Combi - All Weather Tunnel System

    The SKOV Combi-Tunnel system is a negative pressure system for pig houses. The system has been developed for tropical and subtropical climate zones with daily and seasonal fluctuations of temperature. The SKOV Combi-Tunnel system combines our LPV and our Tunnel system and ensures optimum growth conditions for the animals even at very high outdoor temperatures.

  • Air Intake

  • Wall Inlets Systems

    Wall Inlets Systems

    Fresh air inlet through the wall. Our range of wall inlets for pig houses is of the highest quality and encompasses brick-in wall inlets and flange inlets. The SKOV wall inlets feature advanced inlet control, and combining this with a cycle timer makes it easier to control the airflow at minimum ventilation. All wall inlets from SKOV are also equipped with an insulated inlet flap to prevent condensation, and the inlets are furthermore equipped with a...

  • Ceiling Inlets Systems

    Ceiling Inlets Systems

    Fresh air inlet for the ceiling.  In some livestock houses, wall inlets are not appropriate and it is better to direct air into the house via ceiling inlets. This is for example the case in monoblock houses. As with our wall inlets, our ceiling inlets have an insulated inlet casing and flap to prevent condensation and freeze-up. The ceiling inlets feature AIC, and combining this with a cycle timer makes it easier to control the airflow at minimum...

  • Roof Inlets System

    Roof Inlets System

    In certain countries, the air intake must be above the ridge to reduce the risk of infection. In other countries, there is a tradition for monoblock houses, making it impossible to use wall inlets, and the roof construction without ceilings makes it impossible to use ceiling inlets. For such instances, SKOV has developed an air supply unit combining high performance with low air velocity in the animal zone.The two elements are often conflicting, but...

  • Air Outlets

  • Chimneys


    Powerful and energy-efficient solution. SKOV's aerodynamic exhaust unit combines a robust chimney with an efficient, powerful, energy-efficient fan. The air outlet unit design ensures maximum air output with low energy consumption. It is also very robust and long-lasting, whatever the climatic conditions. The unit is suitable for almost all types of livestock houses and can be installed on the roof or the side of the house. The chimney is available in...

  • Heating

  • Heating Pipes

    Heating Pipes

    Efficient waterbased heating. SKOV will most often use the so-called Spiraflex heating pipes for livestock house heating. The heating system is based on the supply and circulation of water, the heating pipes providing efficient and economic house heating.

  • Blow Heater

    Blow Heater

    A blow heater is a quickly reacting heat source, introducing heating via open combustion of gas in the livestock house. This type of heating is particularly well suited to heating and drying out after cleaning. SKOV's fully automatic blow heater ensures correct combustion of the gas and also features automatic ignition. The blow heater will activate an alarm in case of combustion irregularities, avoiding the risk of unburnt gases in the house. The...