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  • Mounted Sprayers

  • Cropmaster - Mounted Sprayers

    Cropmaster - Mounted Sprayers

    Landquip’s Alu-light booms lend themselves to a mounted sprayer. The aluminium boom makes the sprayer lighter therefore reducing the lift capacity and size of the tractor required. The weight saving from the boom also provides good weight distribution especially when used in combination with a Landquip Vision front tank. Landquip offers two different mounted sprayers - the...

  • Condor - Mounted Sprayer

    Condor - Mounted Sprayer

    The Landquip Condor mounted sprayer is a great alternative to the traditional forward folding ‘gullwing’ boom. The Condor mounted sprayer has a rear narrow 2.5 metre folding boom which folds away behind the tank making the whole sprayer more compact and also allowing faster transport speeds. The Condor shares a tank and other components with the Landquip Cropmaster mounted sprayer making spares readily...

  • Trailed Sprayers

  • Landquip - Electrac Trailed Sprayer

    Landquip - Electrac Trailed Sprayer

    The Landquip Electrac  is our compact trailed sprayer with tank sizes of either 2500 or 3000 litres and bi-fold booms up to 30 metres. The Electrac is a well established model, with the first machines built over 20 years ago. 2014 has seen the introduction of the all new Electrac with a new polyethylene tank which has a low centre of gravity and is easy to wash out. The Electrac has a twin ram steering drawbar which ensures that the sprayer...

  • Intrac - Model 3600/4200 litre - Trailed Sprayer

    Intrac - Model 3600/4200 litre - Trailed Sprayer

    The Landquip Intrac trailed sprayer is one of Landquip’s most popular sprayers suited to the higher acreage user with tank sizes of 3600, 4200, 5200 or 6000 litre tanks and 24 to 44 metre bi-fold or tri-fold Alu-light booms. The Intrac has a heavy duty  twin ram steering axle ensuring that the sprayer tracks directly in line with the tractor’s wheels to minimise crop damage. The Intrac can also be fitted with a Scharmuller Euro high...

  • Demount Sprayers

  • Fastrac - Model JCB - Demount Sprayers

    Fastrac - Model JCB - Demount Sprayers

    The JCB Fastrac offers a very good platform on which to base a sprayer pack. The vehicle’s suspension allows the tractor to travel at high speed over rough ground while maintaining a stable platform for the boom to apply spray accurately and evenly. The Landquip demountable sprayer can be removed within 15 minutes allowing the Fastrac to be used for other purposes at short notice. Landquip demount sprayers can be...