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Lastec was founded with the purpose of providing a rotary mowing system with the productivity of a wide-area mower and the precision of a small push mower. Lastec introduced articulation in the turf industry with the Model 721 Articulator. The 3 meter (9.8 ft) wide belt driven rotary was crude by today`s standards but became the first of a line of machines that has dominated high-end rotaries for over the last decade. Today, over half of the TPC golf courses and a third of the world`s top 100 ranked golf courses rely on mowers built by Lastec. Lastec dealers can be found all over the world.

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25 years and still mowing! That’s right, Lastec has been manufacturing the original articulating rough mower since 1990 and our products are stronger than ever. In 1990 Lastec introduced articulating rotary mowers to the golf and turf industry. Our sustainability in the industry is confirmed as 1 out of every 4 major PGA course uses a Lastec Articulator to mow their roughs.

Lastec is protected by patents, perfected by persistence and preferred by professionals. Our patented belt drive system, detail to quality and customer service makes us one of a kind. If you have never seen an Articulator work, call us now for a demo and see how you can improve the cut quality of your turf, save money and increase productivity.

Lastec mowers are designed and built with a special purpose in mind – deliver everything you need in a high-definition, articulating mower at a lower cost of ownership than is available anywhere in the industry. This formula for success is made up of several important factors that not only allow you to tackle turf confidently, but to also conquer daily operating costs and total capital outlay.

  • Superior accuracy from terrain hugging articulating decks
  • Greater productivity with zero-turn maneuverability
  • Up to 50% less fuel used than comparable hydraulic rotary mowers
  • Patented low-maintenance belt-driven decks offer unmatched efficiency
  • Lighter weight machines use less power for the same cut
  • More productive mowers mean fewer operating hours
  • Wide-area mowers cut more grass with each pass
  • Longer life and lower unit costs provide significant savings

When I started Lastec twenty-one years ago, I believed in a simple idea... a rotary mowing system with the productivity of a wide-area mower and the precision of a small push mower. Our first models were crude when compared to the many configurations we build today. But, even back then a chance to demonstrate our articulating decks was all it took to make many of you our customers. Today, there are thousands of Articulators cutting some of the most beautiful grasses over the toughest terrain at many of the world's finest golf courses. For those of you that have given me a chance to prove that articulating really is a better way of cutting grass, I say thank you. For those of you that haven't, I ask you to give us a chance to show you why we believe that Lastec has become the standard of mowing excellence.