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Products by Grillo SPA

  • Rotavators

  • Princess - Model M1 - Rotavator

    Princess - Model M1 - Rotavator

    Gear housing in press-formed plate sections secured by bolts. Belts in kevlar (high performance). Handlebar easy to control and fully adjustable. Rotary tiller with 6 hoes plus disks (total width 80 cm). Front transport wheel supplied as standard

  • Walking Tractors

  • Grillo - Model G52 - Small Walking Tractor

    Grillo - Model G52 - Small Walking Tractor

    The G52 is a small walking tractor able to accept a range of attachments. · 50cm tilling width · All gear drive · Adjustable handles with anti vibration · 1 forward & 1 reverse gear

  • Grillo - Model G 55 - Walking Tractors

    Grillo - Model G 55 - Walking Tractors

    A Commercial walking tractor able to accept a variety of useful attachments ·58cm tilling width ·Professional all gear drive train ·Handles are adjustable in height & from side to side ·Petrol or Diesel engine options ·Low Vibration levels ·2 forward +2 reverse Our smallest Commercial model

  • Sickle Bars

  • Grillo - Model GF1 - Sickle Bar

    Grillo - Model GF1 - Sickle Bar

    The Grillo GF1 is a perfectly balanced sickle bar; the engine and the P.T.O are positioned in such way to obtain an ideal ground clearance for mowing on slopes. The centre of gravity was designed to make the GF1 manoeuvrable and safe, even in the most demanding work conditions. Grillo GF1 has single-speed, the gear is ideal for mowing. It is available either with a Robin Subaru EX17 OHC or Kohler Lombardini SH265 OHV petrol engines which are of the...

Products by Allett Mowers

  • Homeowner Range

  • Sandringham - Model 14E - Lawn Mowers

    Sandringham - Model 14E - Lawn Mowers

    The Sandringham 14E has been designed for keen home gardeners that have a small lawn to maintain but want to maintain an impressive aesthetic regardless. The lawn mower is a mains electric powered (420W) self propelled mower, perfect for achieving a pristine cut. The machine boasts a 35.6cm (14″) cutting width, meaning it is capable of cutting larger surface...

  • Classic - Model 14L & 17L - Petrol Mower

    Classic - Model 14L & 17L - Petrol Mower

    The Classic Petrol mower is available in two cutting widths – the Classic 14L with 14′ (35.6cm) cut and Classic 17L with 17′ (43.2cm) cut, which gives you the option to choose which would be most suitable to your lawn’s needs.

  • Buckingham - Model 20H, 24H & 30H - General Purpose Mower

    Buckingham - Model 20H, 24H & 30H - General Purpose Mower

    This hard working, general-purpose mower is designed for the serious home gardener and semi-professional who may be maintaining formal lawns, parks and gardens, cemeteries and ornamental grass. Available in a choice of three widths; Buckingham 20H with 20′ (50.8cm) cut, Buckingham 24H with 24′ (61cm) cut and Buckingham 30H with 30′ (76.2cm) cut, all Buckingham machines are equipped with...

  • Westminster - Petrol Lawn Mower

    Westminster - Petrol Lawn Mower

    The superb, close cut precision of the Westminster Petrol Lawn Mower is suitable for the maintenance of cricket wickets, bowling and golf greens and the finest formal ornamental lawns. Powered by a 196cc Honda four stroke cylinder petrol engine, this fine turf mower is equipped with 12 bladed cutting cylinder delivering an impressive 145 cuts per metre. The Westminster 20H features an infinitely variable micro cutting height...

  • Sports/Pro Range

  • Allett Shaver - Model 20 & 24 - Cylinder Lawn Mower

    Allett Shaver - Model 20 & 24 - Cylinder Lawn Mower

    The Allett Shaver cylinder lawn mower is a beautifully-balanced fine turf mower is a great choice for cricket, bowls and golf clubs requiring a precision-cut cylinder mower that is easy to use, simple to maintain and a delight to operate. These attributes make the Shaver ideal also for all other users wanting a close-cut mower capable of producing a first-class finish on quality sports, leisure and ornamental...

  • Tournament - Model 20 & 24 - Vertical Blades Mower

    Tournament - Model 20 & 24 - Vertical Blades Mower

    Comprising a series of closely-spaced vertical blades, the rotating grooming reel lifts lateral growth and “runners”, ensuring that all of the grass being mown is presented to the cutting cylinder in the correct manner (ie standing up). The result is a consistently even and level finish that will be appreciated for sports where the roll and run of the ball are key....

  • Buffalo - Model 20, 24, 27 & 34 - Lawn Mower

    Buffalo - Model 20, 24, 27 & 34 - Lawn Mower

    The Buffalo is our great all-rounder in the Allett line-up, capable of producing a first-class finish across a wide range of grass types and mowing conditions, even wet conditions. Choose the Buffalo 20, 24 or 27 for regular mowing of ornamental grass in public and private parks and gardens. Combining a wide cut with low weight, the Buffalo 34 is ideal for maintaining larger, sensitive areas such as sportsgrounds and prestige lawns.

  • Model C Range - Lawn Mower

    Model C Range - Lawn Mower

    The Allett C-Range delivers a wide range of professional turf maintenance functions from a single pedestrian controlled machine available in three working widths. Each easy-change C-Range cartridge head becomes an integral part of the machine, enabling tasks ranging from fine turf mowing, verti-cutting and slitting to brushing, scarifying and sorrel rolling to be carried out successfully and without compromise.

Products by E P Barrus Ltd

  • Lawnmowers - Smart Petrol Lawnmowers

  • Smart - Model 42PO - Lawn Mower

    Smart - Model 42PO - Lawn Mower

    The S42PO lawn mower is the perfect model for gardeners moving from an electric model to a petrol model for the first time. It features a 42cm/16.5' steel deck and a powerful yet quiet MTD Thorx OHV engine. Comes with a substantial 60 litre fabric grass collection box.Two levers operate the height adjuster with six cutting positions, which are easy to change and allow you to adjust the cutting height in all conditions. With the S42PO you also have a...

  • Lawnmowers - Comfort Petrol Lawnmowers

  • Comfort - Model CR48 - Push Lawnmower

    Comfort - Model CR48 - Push Lawnmower

    The comfort CR48 push lawnmower features a 48cm / 19” steel cutting deck with a smooth and efficient 159cc Loncin engine. The CR48 is fully equipped with a 4-in-1 system. This allows you to discharge the grass clippings out of the back, collect the grass clippings in the large 60 litre grass bag, discharge the clippings out of the side or mulch the grass clippings using the mulching kit.

  • Lawn Tractors - Smart Lawn Tractors

  • Lawnflite - Model LRF125 - Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite - Model LRF125 - Lawn Tractor

    The Lawnflite Smart LRF125 Garden Tractor has a cutting width of 96cm/38', with a Briggs & Stratton petrol engine. Practical and robust once you have mowed your lawn with this tractor you will probably never go back to a hand guided mower. This lawn tractor features transmatic transmission allowing the user to pre-select a gear and then just use the speed control pedal to control speed rather than continually having to change gears.Worth noting is...

  • Lawn Tractors - Optima Lawn Tractors

  • Model LLG165H - Lawn Tractor

    Model LLG165H - Lawn Tractor

    The Lawnflite Optima LLG165H Garden Tractor has a cutting width of 107cm/42' combined with a High Perfomance Briggs & Stratton petrol engine it is a real workhorse. This lawn tractor features hydrostatic transmission which allows for smooth and precise manoeuvrings. There is no need to operate the clutch or shift gear which means you can leave both hands on the steering wheel. Worth noting is the extremely tight turning radius of 46cm/18', making...

  • Tillers - Front Tine Tillers

  • Loncin - Model LC360 - Front Tine Tillers

    Loncin - Model LC360 - Front Tine Tillers

    This is a fantastic value tiller, with low fuel consumption and very easy to use. Ideal for small, awkward flower beds, vegetable gardens and allotments. With a 35cm cutting width and powered by a high specification Loncin engine.

  • Tillers - Rear Tine Tillers

  • Model T450 - Rear Tine Tillers

    Model T450 - Rear Tine Tillers

    The T/450 is our heaviest duty 46cm/18' tiller, that features a 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. This unit is a rear tine tiller that has reverse on both the tines and the drive wheels. The reverse on the wheels is essential for manoeuvrability while the reverse on the tines gives the option of either digging or lifting the soil, this enables the machine to tackle a wide variety of conditions. The drive system is an extremely robust chain/gear...

  • Trimmers/Brushcutters

  • Model MTD SBC26D - Brushcutter

    Model MTD SBC26D - Brushcutter

    Whether you are an expert or a new homeowner looking to clear long grass and undergrowth efficiently, then the lightweight SBC26D is the perfect machine

  • Trimmers/Brushcutters - Premium Trimmers

  • Model S2690MD - Brushcutter

    Model S2690MD - Brushcutter

    The S2690MD Brushcutter comes with a 'D' shaped handle. Also has Mitsubishi  2 Stroke engine, with recoil start. Lightweight and easy to use.

  • Blowers

  • Model BV3000G - Blower Vac

    Model BV3000G - Blower Vac

    The BV3000G has a 2-cycle engine and airflow volume of up to 165 km/h make cleaning up your property easy. Grass clippings on the patio in Summer or Autumn leafs, with the BV3000G you can clean your property fast and efficiently. For smaller areas you have the further choice of switching to the vacuum feature which immediately takes up and shreds the leafs and little twigs to finally store them in the attached catcher bag.

  • Chainsaws - Electric Powered Chainsaws

  • Model ECS200040-KIT - Electric Chainsaw

    Model ECS200040-KIT - Electric Chainsaw

    The high performing electric chainsaws are ideal equipment for all types of sawing work around the house which can be done with cord length. This includes tree trimming and cutting-down of fruit trees, the building of an arbour in the garden, and the cutting of the firewood as well as small wood and branches. Fewer vibrations from the handle featuring a partly rubber covering, an ergonomic build, an engine casing made of fibreglass -reinforced plastic...