We realize that the climate of our planet is changing, leading greenhouse agriculture to become the future trend of this century, as agriculture innovation in the field of technology has progressed. We have developed and are selling complete set of agricultural greenhouse microclimate monitoring equipment: agricultural spectrometer allowing control of solar spectrum, shade net allowing adjustment of solar spectrum and agricultural inspection test equipment. We offer with a new approach complete solution for monitoring solar lighting on plant cultivation. We focus on the quality of the sunlight and photosynthesis, we spent a lot of time understanding the different development stages of the plants, and the need of new, innovative products, including adjustment of the size and frequency of sunlight, shade net insulation plastic film, and wireless transmission system regulating the greenhouse microclimate.

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Spectral X Agriculture Net

   Spectral X is a new type of agriculture nets made of 100% High-Density Polyethylene thread that adjusts the sunlight spectrum and RGB spectrum ratio to improve plants health and growth. 

Spectral X Features:

  • Adjusting sunlight of red, blue, green ratio and more conform with plant photosynthesis requirement
  • Enhance the plant growth period in advance of the selling season
  • Improve the quality of plants (taste, smell, sweetness …)
  • Improve the quantity of plants with bigger fruits
  • Extend the plant’s shelf-life
  • Extend the vase life of flowers
  • Reduce pest insects and crop losses
  • Reduce the use of agrochemicals and protect the environment
  • Reduce watering
  • Lower temperature by 2°C or above in the midday heat inside the greenhouse
  • Reduce the midday light for withering   

Spectral X general specifications:

  • Knitted Shading net: Round string P50%/ P60%/P70%/ P80%
  • Woven insect shading net: Flat string P16/ P24/ P32
  • Plastic Film (retain the heat and block out the rain): thickness P0.1 / P0.15 / P0.2 / P0.25mm
  • Patent pending

 Portable Spectrophotometer

   Portable Spectrophotometer use patented innovative platform structure for light, temperature and humidity measurements. Spectrometer wavelength measurement range up to 850nm and the maximum measuring range is 200,000 Lux. Fields of applications include agriculture environment and LED lighting.


  • Can be measured directly in the sun, all four seasons long.
  • Handheld: provides touch multi-function platform.
  • Measurements monitoring sensor design: base and host are separate structures, allowing multiple selection and replacement of sensors types.
  • Patented structure: special patented design, can adjust Sensor angle for better alignment.
  • Several way to measure: can be handheld, placed on a table or fixed on a tripod
  • Measurements compliance with environmental requirements: provides complex and blind spot environment, to get more accurate measurement data.
  • Several applications: LED factories, plant factories, greenhouses and crops plantation

Greenhouse Climate Control

    Our Greenhouse Climate Control monitoring system is the ideal solution designed to detect micro-climate in the farming industry, in the spirit of the 21st century, which is the century of agriculture, science and technology: agriculture in greenhouse is the future trend. Sunlight qualitative applications, adjustment and monitoring is the use of the latest trend in the future. Therefore, our  WiFi technologies based system can help agricultural countries into a new era of cultivation.

   Product Features::
– A host computer can control the number of greenhouse
– Adding on existing equipment, and can switch ownership by computer or manual control
– Support WiFi wireless transmission, to avoid the trouble of cable
– Collect the information of the temperature, humidity, CO2 detectors and measure the amount of light, to combine with mechanical and electrical equipment for the greenhouse microclimate regulation
– Full-screen animation shows the current status of the greenhouse operation
– Can be controlled by dual-screen to watch the current situation and historical data
– One key control (original electromechanical switch box control or automatic control) must avoid the trouble of electromechanical equipment for each switch button
– Emergency message is received by the phone (email)
– Can watch and control greenhouse distal current situation by remote control
– Support standard mode, heating mode, cooling mode and power mode context