The company was founded by Josef Lehner in 1956 as a sideline. Today, Helmut Lehner is in charge of the company, representing the second generation of the family. The agricultural company was massively expanded from 1980 onwards when Josef Lehner`s son Helmut joined the firm. When a regional snail calamity ravaged the agriculture industry in 1989, the company moved into 12-volt spreading technology. Gradually, the company`s territory grew, initially just in southern Germany, and then to northern and eastern Germany too. Today, the company produces a whole raft of innovative equipment. We are the market leader in Europe for many of the products we carry. Our team of just 25 people handles all of the agricultural side of the business as well as the technology production. In technology, we specialise in the development of innovations and final assembly. The strictly controlled final assembly stage ensures the superlative quality of our products, which we ship all over the world.

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Häuslesäcker 5 - 9 , Westerstetten , 89198 Germany
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Where we come from

Our company was founded in 1956 by Josef Lehner in Westerstetten as a small, family-run firm and operated as a sideline in agri-trade.

When his son Helmut Lehner joined the firm in 1980, the company underwent constant redevelopment. Initially the company operated solely as an agri-trade company. In 1992, this was expanded with the sale of 12 Volt-powered spreaders and the company grew to become Europe's market leader in the field of 12-Volt spreaders. Constantly developing our product portfolio remains one of our pledges.

Our commitments

We deliver products of superlative technical quality both in relation to our agri-trade products and our mechanical engineering products. 
Our focus is on our customers - we want happy customers - not on generating the highest possible sales for our company. We want to offer our customers professional support with every aspect of agriculture and help them with modern solutions.
In our Technology department, we attach great importance to the quality of our products. These are subjected to a professional quality check before they are shipped to the customer. 
Our aim is to operate a sustainable business, generate revenues in a responsible manner and protect the environment. 

Our tasks and challenges

To achieve our goals, we invest in skilled and dedicated personnel. We work in team structures, but also on a mutual basis on a number of the company's tasks. Key features of our functioning company include staff involvement through sensible salaries, promotion of identification with the company and team spirit, ongoing training and professional qualifications.
We create innovations and improvements to implementation processes and in the development of new products. 
We give space to regeneration - and we strive to achieve sustainable growth coupled with stability. 
Our company is proactive, planning, developing and implementing future-ready strategies. Our company's development is the joint responsibility of its management team and its workforce.