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  • LEHNER SuperVario - Spreader

    LEHNER SuperVario - Spreader

    Used primarily in agriculture. The main area of application for the SuperVario is the spreading of: Cover crops, Slug pellets, Grass seeds for reseeding grassland, Silage additive to prevent solidification in silo tanks.

  • LEHNER MiniVario - Spreader

    LEHNER MiniVario - Spreader

    The MiniVario has been developed especially for use in wine, asparagus, fruit and hop growing: It runs on 12 Volts, which means it can be installed anywhere there is a power supply available. Can be front or rear-mounted, installation holes are available on the back and underneath of the frame. Virtually all granulated materials can be delivered with the MiniVario.

  • TUBARO - Spreader for Rear-mounting on Smaller Rollers

    TUBARO - Spreader for Rear-mounting on Smaller Rollers

    The TUBARO is designed for rear-mounting on smaller rollers. Depending on the material concerned, the delivery quantity can be up to 45 kg/min, with dispensing being carried out steplessly on the modern control panel. The working width can be set from 0.8 to 1.4 metres (depending on the size of the roller). With the TUBARO, granulates can be dispensed very precisely since their susceptibility to wind is minimal. The available hopper capacities are 110...