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  • Agriculture - Guidance & Auto-Steer Solutions

  • Version Mojomini - Leica

    Version Mojomini - Leica

    Getting started in precision guidance has never been easier. It’s more affordable than ever to start saving money in the field by lowering input costs and by enhancing driver accuracy to reduce overlap in any field operation. Plus, with Leica’s revolutionary steer-to-the-line technology, the mojoMINI helps operators maintain a straighter, more consistent line every time. The easy-to-use 4.3-inch touch screen display, combined with the...

  • Version MojoXact - Leica

    Version MojoXact - Leica

    With the Leica mojoXact Plus, Leica Geosystems offers another user friendly product for a variety of applications. This product provides ISOBUS Universal Terminal support as well as an upgrade option for the Leica mojo3D for RTK positioning. The high accuracy option offers 6-axis terrain compensation and additional steering solutions like SteerDirect CAN, SRK and Hydraulic for further improved accuracy.