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  • Tree Spades

  • Model 500 Series - Tree Spade

    Model 500 Series - Tree Spade

    The 500 series features both 3 and 4 blade inside and outside frame tree spades, manufactured with all the benefits of the Lemar Advantage!  The outside frame tree spades in this 500 series have an extra heavy-duty frame, very quick cycle times, and the shortest spades on the market! This spade has a large opening making them ideal for harvesting bushy trees and shrubs with a root ball range of 26' - 30'. The 500 series inside frame...

  • Model 1000 Series - Tree Spade

    Model 1000 Series - Tree Spade

    The 1000 series has both 3 blade and 4 blade inside frame spades. The 1000 series 3 blade tree spades boast fast cycle times. They are designed for increased mobility, versatility, and are very maneuverable. The new shovel design produces a rounder package with a root ball size of 30' - 38'. The 4 blade spade in this series is ideal for hard digging conditions. This blades open front design improves visibility, increasing production and reducing stock...

  • Tree Handling Equipment

  • Model TS - Standard Tree Squeeze

    Model TS - Standard Tree Squeeze

    The Standard Tree Squeeze features a greaseless design and a powder coated finish. The Standard Tree Squeeze is able to handle 24” to 54” root balls and comes with adjustable stationary arms and adjustable clamping pressure. The arms are customizable to suit your needs.

  • Deluxe Tree Squeeze

    Deluxe Tree Squeeze

    The Deluxe Tree Squeeze’s powder coated, greaseless design offers hydraulically adjustable arms for quick and easy size adjustment. The Deluxe Tree Squeeze has adjustable clamping pressure and handles a range of 24” to 54” root balls. You can customize the arms and add Lemar’s exclusive Hydrawave controlling system to optimize this product.