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  • Soil Cultivation - Ploughing

  • Juwel - Trend Setting Mounted Ploughs

    Juwel - Trend Setting Mounted Ploughs

    The Juwel generation of mounted reversible ploughs combines reliability of use, operating comfort and high work quality in an unrivalled manner. The TurnControl rotation control makes plough rotation particularly safe, and the large clearance between the support wheel and ground additionally contributes to safety.

  • Diamant - Model 12 - Semi Mounted Ploughs

    Diamant - Model 12 - Semi Mounted Ploughs

    Perfect ploughing means optimal quality of work with maximum acreage performance while keeping fuel consumption and driver loads as low as possible. The Diamant 12 meets this challenge optimally by providing numerous smart features in addition to the proven qualities of the Diamant 11.

  • EuroTitan - Semi Mounted Ploughs

    EuroTitan - Semi Mounted Ploughs

    The increasing traction produced by modern tractors places particularly high demands on plough stability when combined with large working widths. With a bolted frame and high-quality fine-grained steels, the EuroTitan ploughs with nine to twelve furrows are designed for very high continuous loads.

  • VariTitan - Semi Mounted Ploughs

    VariTitan - Semi Mounted Ploughs

    Varying soil and weather conditions call for an easy-to-operate cutting width adjustment, which makes a significant contribution to arable farming that is both environmentally friendly and economic. The VariTitan is available in versions with nine to twelve furrows and working widths of up to 660 cm for maximum acreage performance.