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  • Housekeepers

  • Model 2 - Housekeeper

    Model 2 - Housekeeper

    The #2 Housekeeper was designed with the 1-3 house growers in mind. The #2 requires only a minimum of 40 horsepower for proper operation and is extremely durable. Optional equipment is available for spreading and the #2 can also be configured as a total hydraulic machine. Truly a workhorse machine with big machine features. The #2 is perfect for tighter house dimensions and lower tractor horsepower.

  • Model 3 - Housekeeper

    Model 3 - Housekeeper

    The #3 is the big brother to the #2 and requires a minimum of 50 hp tractor. The #3 has 33% more capacity than the #2 and can also be configured with several available options.

  • Model 3.5 - Housekeeper

    Model 3.5 - Housekeeper

    The #3.5 is the same machine as the #4 but in a lower profile to accommodate houses with lower ceiling heights.

  • Model 4 - Housekeeper

    Model 4 - Housekeeper

    The #4 Housekeeper is designed to increase productivity by an additional 20% above the #2 and #3 due to the wider head on the machine. This allows for much faster operation and requires a minimum of 60hp for the tractor. Like all other models, the #4 can be customized with various options to meet the individual needs of the grower.

  • Model 5 - Housekeeper

    Model 5 - Housekeeper

    The #5 Housekeeper is the most versatile model. The #5 comes equipped with the patented ‘quick change’ conveyor system that allows the operator to adjust and control the amount of material to be removed. Adjustment is simple and takes only a couple of minutes to change from caking to total cleanout. The #5 is also available in a low profile version (#5LP). Both models of the #5 may be equipped with optional tandem axle to afford a smoother...

  • Model 1 - Dump-Body Housekeeper

    Model 1 - Dump-Body Housekeeper

    Fast, simple operation when stockpiling is needed. The DB-1 has the same capacity and horsepower requirements as the #2 and makes cleanout faster with the dumping feature. Total cleanout may also be accomplished by adding the optional solid bars to the conveyor.

  • Spreader

  • Spreader Body

    Spreader Body

    Capacity  260 cu. ft. Overall Width  84'. Overall Height  60' . Weight (empty)  3000 lbs. Tires  12.5L x 16. PTO Horsepower Requirement  50 - 60 HP . Width of Spread  18' + . Overall Length  22ft. Amount of Spread  Adjustable

  • Poultry Housecleaners

  • Deluxe  - Model I - Housecleaner

    Deluxe - Model I - Housecleaner

    The Housecleaner I is our deluxe model that provides ease of use and dependability. An optional nipple washer may be added to this unit to clean overhead water lines.

  • Poultry Litter Blade

  • Poultry Litter Blade

    Poultry Litter Blade

    The Lewis Litter Blade gives the operator the ability to remove caked litter and other unwanted materials from the sidewalls and those ‘hard-to-reach’ corners of the poultry house. The Litter Blade is designed to work in both older houses with internal post supports, as well as the newer solid wall type houses. The added time savings along with the ability to clean the entire poultry house area makes the Litter Blade a must for efficient...

  • Windrower

  • Poultry Windrower

    Poultry Windrower

    The Lewis Windrower is made here in the USA with the quality materials and workmanship. Standard models come complete with heavy duty hydraulic cylinders for height adjustment and transport, electric control valve for safe and trouble-free operation, and a self-contained hydraulic systems with high-capacity pump. A rotating cylinder extends the Lewis Windrower's capability to spread windrowed litter back over the house floor.