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  • Bean Polishers

    Bean Polishers

    Throughout the edible bean industry, manufacturing and processing facilities have a need for equipment that efficiently and effectively polishes the product. LMC’s polishers remove the fine dusty film covering the beans after cleaning.

  • VistaSort  - Color Sorters

    VistaSort - Color Sorters

    The VistaSort will remove foreign material (sticks, debris, stones), color defects (caused by disease, immaturity or moisture damage), splits, and undecorticated seed in pulse crops such as Lentils, Beans and Peas. In cereal grains, we can remove all types of contaminants (sticks, hulls, stones), ergot, foreign material (i.e. wild oats), discolored seeds, as well as immature and diseased kernels. Often there is little difference to...

  • Destoner


    The LMC Destoner has a reputation for being the most reliable, user-friendly and efficient destoner available. The heavy-duty construction offers years of service life with minimal attention. No other destoner can match the ease of operation of the LMC. An exact separation can be achieved with a few simple adjustments.

  • Easy Dump Elevator

    Easy Dump Elevator

    LMC Elevators are typical of the innovative nature valued by LMC. By taking our proven, reliable design and upgrading its performance, LMC has created the new standard for gentle-handling elevators. With these elevators LMC strives to provide our customers with a high-performance piece of equipment with an economical price tag.

  • Sizing Shakers Screen

    Sizing Shakers Screen

    LMC Sizing Shakers are used to separate dry, flowable products by specific size. Our sizing shakers have proven themselves over the years by separating products such as peanuts, almonds, beans, and much more. The machines are counter-balanced, which allows smooth operation and long life. LMC’s sizing shakers are capable of removing large objects, like sticks, hulls, and small particles such as fines and pieces.