Lida Plant Research S.L.

Lida Plant Research is a biotechnological company based on the development of new solutions and products for improvement of yields and crop protection against different types of biotic and abiotic stress. Since 1987, gaining experience in the development, research and commercialization of innovative products for the protection and nutrition of agriculture.

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Parque Industrial Rey Juan Carlos I C/ Granja nº 12, , Almussafes , Valencia 46440 Spain

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

We approach the benefits of the research to the farmer

A sustainable agriculture, effective for the crops development and profitable for the farmer

Our mision is to bring the latest scientific advances from the laboratory to the field, to bring the benefits of the investigation over to the farmer, contributing this way to the generation and transference of scientific knowledge to an agriculture of more quality that keeps with the requirements of society and environmental demands. 

Research to innovate The innovation is the engine of our development strategy 

Nowadays, thanks to the technology that exists in the field of molecular biology, with  advances of the genomic and the proteomic, it is possible to advance at a higher speed to know the interactions that are established between the plant and its environment, see how the plant reacts to a pathogenic or to thermal or saline stress, which mechanism the plant uses to defend itself against them and help itself to exceed them successfully. 

Research is one of our priorities, that’s why LIDA Plant Research has established a close collaboration with Universities and Centers of Investigation specialized in biotechnology and genomic of plants. 

Our work is focused on the study of the physiology of the plants and its behavior with the environment that surrounds them. 

An extraordinary future for the progress of agriculture

Our products provide additional benefits beyond excellent results for crop protection which also produces positive physiological effects in the plant, such as greater vitality, more production and better quality of crop. They are a basic tool for integrated management, less dependent on chemical treatments, which allows a better commercialization of free waste production and, therefore, higher profitability for the farmer. 

changing the way of doing agriculture

Our aim is to be a world model in the new vision that science offers in crop protection through the application of plant vaccines and biostimulants, which undoubtedly will change the outlook and the way of doing agriculture in the following years.